Internship in new technologies - young talents, one week, part of the team of Bulpros Consulting software company

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Talents during the workshop, Bulpros office, Sofia 2016

For the third consecutive year, children from the projects in new technologies at The Center for young talents, received an invitation and opportunity to become, for a week a part of the team of one of the most successful international companies "Bulpros Consulting".

We are grateful for the excellent organization and we share the impressions of the talents from our event organized jointly by Bulpros Consulting and the "Chance for Children of Bulgaria":

We, the participants of the projects Build Web design, Computer graphics and Animation, and Introduction to Programming with Java at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas, were pleased to be on a week-long practice internship from 04.04. to 08.04.2016 in one of the leading and fastest growing software companies in Bulgaria - Bulpros Consulting JSC. Sofia.

Tanya Stavreva, HR Manager at the company was responsible for the organisation in Sofia and was constantly with us throughout the duration of our stay. From the bus we headed to office of Bulpros. The first day we attended the technical conference where we met various teams within the company and their work. Each of them presented to us some of their current projects and all of them happily answered our questions. They told us how their days pass in the company and what really is their job. Then we met with our mentors Ivo, Danny, Bobby and Nikki. They were extremely dedicated and enthusiastic to work with us and help us improve our knowledge and skills.

On Monday, they had given us project under the name KOTUI, which we were supposed to accomplish. The task was a game in which two players choose 10 images for his/her opponent, who is expected to name what he deemed was visualized and finally declared the winner. For the project we learned how to work with Git, Eclipse, Maven and upgraded our skills to handle HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, Java, mySQL.

The second day we split in two teams. The first was responsible for the visual design of the game and the seconds task was to write logical operations. Mentors gave us initial guidance for the operation, explained the main issues on which we had to work and we started. In the course of the work, we not only expanded our knowledge and acquired new, but also had fun. We learned what actually lies behind the concept of teamwork and how to work together for the common goal. Mentors responded to every question of ours and helped us the whole time. The first three days each team worked on the realization of their task, and the fourth day we united the two parts of the game, which was the biggest challenge.

In one of the days we had the pleasure to attend the lecture on ECMAScript6 and to acquire new knowledge. On the last day of our practice we did a demo presentation of the game that we successfully completed and implemented. This brought us joy and satisfaction, and the experience will serve us as an inspiration for future projects.
We are all grateful and very thankful to Bulpros and Chance for Children of Bulgaria Foundation for the opportunity."