Young videographers from Burgas received internationally recognized certificates

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Some of the young videographers

For the first time, young videographers from Burgas received internationally recognized certificates. Testimonies will help them apply for higher education and work in the field of audiovisual media both in Bulgaria and abroad.

After an elaborate theoretical and practical examination, 3 girls and 2 boys from Burgas have acquired internationally recognized certificates for video recording and installation. They will be their advantage when applying to higher education institutions in the visual arts, media and advertising in Bulgaria and abroad. The youngsters are 10 to 17 years of age and are participants in the first of a kind project related to the video Modern Television and Video of the Center for Young Talents to the Chance Foundation for the Children of Bulgaria.

The Center launched this module project as a response to the new passion of the contemporary video society. It turns out that each of us looks at 10 to 30 videos unintentionally every day while looking at social media and news websites. Each of us shoots video with his smartphone in moments that excite him. According to latest research, the potential customer perceives 70% easier video advertising compared to advertising text and commercial images. Techniques are now available to our younger children. Through the phone, they have the ability not only to shoot video, but also to broadcast live whatever they think. They do not think whether they can expose themselves and expose their families... These tendencies are largely unrealized in the circles of contemporary Bulgarian education. The social networks are full of sexually mischievous videos of underage girls and boys, and the education system is late with its measures.

The Center for Young Talents is the first institution in Burgas to take responsibility for dealing with the Video and Children issue. In October 2017, the Modern TV and Video project was launched. It included children and adolescents interested in vlogging, video capture and installation. The project manager and lecturer was Martina Chachevska, script writer and director in TV SKAT, with years of experience in writing, directing, filming and video editing. Martina Chachevska also has a pedagogical education and experience as a teacher in elite Bourgas high schools. She has been head of a musical-artistic group with dozens of young people for years, says Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance Foundation for the Children of Bulgaria.

For 60 lessons, participants learned about the features of outdoor and studio photography. They shot with DSLR, Action camera, compact camera, smartphone. They learned the basic rules of video editing in two world-famous editing programs. They understood how to interview and how to perform best when being interviewed. They captured and edited images. They shot a short film and participated in two festivals Early Chicken and Harlequin. They learned the 2D animation technique Stop Motion. They filmed an event with three cameras.

During the second module of the project they will shoot music and commercial videos, vlogs and more.