Young IT talents develop mobile apps together with pros at an international IT company

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At a presentation

For a fifth consecutive year, the European information company Bulpro Consulting organized in Sofia a one-week practical meeting on informatics and new technologies between its team and children-talents. The specialized practice is an element of the curriculum of the new technology projects of the Center for Young Talents in the city of Burgas.
Participants in a Information Technology Module Project Introduction to Java Programming and Applications at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas were introduced through presentations of the company's history, vision, mission and values as well as the main activities it performs. They were then given the tasks they had to work on, and they were divided into two teams. The task of one team was to make a mobile application for children for word learning and admin panel to edit content in the app. The technologies they had to use to implement the project were: React Native, Google Speech to Text API, Node.js, Express, Mongodb. The assignment for the other team was to make a website that provides time information for a given location. The technologies they had to use to complete their assignment were: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, NodeJS. Each of the teams had two mentors who were responsible for explaining tasks, giving guidance, and successfully overall coping with the project. Practitioners shared that during this period they were able to enrich their current knowledge, to acquire new and to have fun at the same time. The company also organized team building for the participants in the practice in the form of team play in an escape room. The team was relaxing and amused at the same time as they solved the puzzles to get out of the room. On the last day of the event participants presented their finalized projects. Together with their mentors, the teams outlined the technologies they used to complete their project, the difficulties they encountered in completing the task, and how they managed to deal with them.
The participants in the program received certificates for the successful training program and returned loaded with many ideas and enthusiasm for work. The talents unanimously shared the view that this experience was of great benefit to them, they learned to work better in a team, learned a lot of new technologies and techniques.
The event, jointly sponsored by Bulpros Consulting, aims to demonstrate a successful model of learning: in practical terms, children learn the principles of teamwork, can make creative decisions, adapt to the dynamics of everyday life and technology in the modern world . We cordially thank Bulpros Consulting's team for the opportunity they have provided, their professional attitude and longstanding successful and productive collaboration, summarized Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation.