Premiere of the Documentary Film of the Foundation "Stories of Chance and Talent"

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How did Bulgarian students come to a NASA competition in Washington? How a little musical talent went to New York concerts, and a young artist completed an illustration course at one of London's most prestigious art universities, free of charge. What should talents from all over Bulgaria do to win scholarships and certificates to help realize themselves in life? These are a small part of the questions you will find in the documentary Stories about the Chance and Talent of the Chance for Children of Bulgaria Foundation by Martina Chachevska. The documentary video lasts 29 minutes and reflects the life and work of children and youth from the Center for Young Talents in Burgas.

The idea for the creation of the film is of the chairman of the Foundation Liliana Slavova. She decides to collect the stories of the children who have participated in the various creative projects of the Center for Young Talents in Bourgas over the years and to create in the viewers themselves how the work goes there and what opportunities are available to young people. Creating a center for gifted children in her hometown is her dream come true. Having graduated from abroad, she returns with the conviction that every Bulgarian should do something for her country. Together with several of her classmates and friends from the English High School, she decided to set up a national non-governmental organization to support talented children and a center for young talents in her hometown of Bourgas.

Seven years later, the first alumni of this center stand in front of the camera and tell their experiences and the opportunities they have gained thanks to their participation in various creative projects, competitions and contests. The Foundation has a wealth of personal archive footage that illustrates their stories. There are many smiling faces, colorful drawings, music, dance, theater. It also contains important information about why the certificates of a center in Burgas are so valued around the world and how every talented child can get them.

The premiere will take place on May, 21 at Grand Hotel and Spa Primoretz, where the Center for Young Talents in Burgas and the Chance for Children of Bulgaria Foundation will officially distinguish the most successful talented children with their program. Awards, scholarships and prizes will be given to the finalists of the 1-st tournament for Burgas and the region for pre-school children, "I know it all", again organized by the Foundation. The eighth edition of the awards ceremony will take place on the eve of the Annual Holiday of Talent and the guests will have the opportunity to see authors fashion show - The scent of summer of the talented girls from the fashion design project led by the famous Burgas designer Maria Taneva as well as Annual Exhibition of the participants in the art projects I can and I love, with Tanya Stoyanova.