National Literature Competition "And the Children Conquer Worlds. Show That You Can!" looks for young talents

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On the eve of one of the most typical Bulgarian holidays, 01.11.2018 - The Day of the National Enlighteners, "The Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria" Foundation announces the National Literature Competition "And the Children Conquer Worlds. Show That You Can!" 2018/2019. The competition is in writing a short story or essay on "My letter to Bulgaria". It aims to find and support children and young people with a keen interest in literature and creative writing, and this year's theme is focused on the attitude of young people towards their homeland and their thoughts, feelings, dreams and hopes.

The competition is organized for the fifth consecutive year as part of the projects of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation to support the development of young talents in the country. The new this year is in the prize pool, except for the first three places there is a special prize of the competition - the best works of the participants will be published in a book.

The competition is organized with the support and special participation of the famous contemporary Bulgarian author Radoslav Gizgindjiev and the "Book Factory" platform.

"I expect with this project to hear the voice of the young intelligent Bulgarians, to understand the messages to their parents, their friends, their neighbors and their compatriots, and I believe these "letters" will become a compass indicating the direction in which to find a better future, a provocation through which we can look at ourselves as a society, but this time in an unblemished mirror." said Radoslav Gizgindjiev, who was also invited as chairman of the competent jury of the competition, composed of respected Bulgarian artists.
Gizgindjiev graduated with a major in Bulgarian Philology at St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo and Cinema Directing in the class of Docho Bodjakov and has so far put 5 mono performances on his own texts. The plays are released in a series of small books: "My Name", "Love Can not Just Pass", "Despite All" and "Are You Here?". His feature film debut as a director and screenwriter is the film "Lost Words" in a story by Elin Pelin with Koyna Ruseva in the leading role. It has gained popularity among readers in Bulgaria with the Paradise trilogy: "Paradise", "Doors" and "Butterflies" which provoked a real furor and entered the charts of the best-selling books. This year's new book "More of Love" was ranked among the most preferred books for 2018.

"The quality book is an expression of respect for both the author and his readers" - this is the motto of the Book Factory. The platform offers services from the full spectrum of the publishing process and creates a series of educational materials on the topic. The winners of the "My Letter to Bulgaria" competition will work with "Book Factory" team specialists who will reveal curious destinations from the adventure called "Book Publishing".

"We are proud that our literary contest "And the Children Conquer Worlds. Show that You Can!" established itself over the years and continues to develop successfully and opens doors for new and unpublished works of young Bulgarian talents. We are extremely happy and grateful that one of the best Bulgarian contemporary authors, Radoslav Gigidgdjiev, and the "Book Factory" platform believed in this edition and in the enormous purpose of the competition and accepted our invitation.The children of Bulgaria have great potential and talents, our goal is to give them a chance for their development and a field of expression" commented Liliana Slavova, chairwoman of the "Chance for Children and nature of Bulgaria" Foundation.

The official awarding of the finalists and the presentation of the book My Letter to Bulgaria will take place in May 2019.