The young talents of “Chance for the children of Bulgaria” foundation with a charity concert to help Ani

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Charity bazaar sale to help Ani

On the legendary scene Ohlyuva in Burgas, on Saturday (June 22, 2013) for a second consecutive year chance for the children of Bulgaria foundation had its annual celebration of the talents from the Center for young talents in the city. They have devoted their concert and organized a charity sales to help the 5-year old Ani. Mihailova.

A lot of performers from the project of the Center of the foundation played in the show. The scenario of the show itself was made by the talented Mirela Buyuklieva from the project The magic of music. The art installations Eternity were displayed, they are the exam work of the participants in interior design project Harmony. You could see also an art exhibition of the talents from graphics and painting, as well as an art review Concepts with creative works of the participants in the fashion design project Silhouettes.

At the celebration Mrs. Liliana Slavova, the CEO of the foundation handed the annual awards of the organization to the most outstanding and talented children from Bulgaria from the programme Awards, scholarships and honours 2013. The State chess champion Nurgyul Salimova (10-years old) from the village of Krepcha got the Chance for the talent Great Award, that will give her the chance to show her undisputed talent to the European chess championship in Montenegro this fall at the expense of the foundation.

Lets help Ani was the motto, under which the children organized the charity sales of their creative work. The collected amount of BGN 1291.70 were given by the children to Anis family. The little Ani inspired everyone. She greeted the public with a poem by Hristo Botev, thus showing a strength and will to live. With her presence and smile this child showed the true face of charity, which makes us real.
Shtilian Mihailov, Anis brother and a musical talent from the Magic of the music project evinced a gratitude to the foundation and all donors and greeted them with an emotional performance of the song Angels Robbie Williams.

In our stressful life, when we look for an excuse for everything, the children showed the world as it should be -a world filled with love, faith and mercy. They filled our hearts with awe to the joy and richness of the life. No one can remain indifferent in from of the talent and spiritual strength, a fortune for all of us. - shared after the celebration Mrs. Liliana Slavova.Our charity campaigns will continue, we rely on on all of you, because we have repeatedly shown that together we can.
All of thos who could not manage but wish to help Ani, please visit the foundation's web site for more information or donate to the donation account of the family - donation account of Ani Geargieva Mihailova: DSK-EAD IBAN: BG 03 STSA 93000021021003 BIC: STSABGSF