Chance for the talent! We invest in your future!

Chance for the talent! We invest in your future! Under this moto we celebrated the Childs day at the Center for young talents at the Chance for the children of Bulgaria foundation, that was held on the emblematic for Burgas scene Ohlyuva, on June, 02 from 4:00 p.m. till 7:30 p.m.

The concert confirmed that the talent is a power indeed, a state of the spirit, a flight of thought, a magic. The chess game with the young chess players from the Chess a game for leaders project showed how clever, ambitious and unorthodoxal personalities grow and develop, when they get the chance for it. Among the official guest were Mr. Atanas Bostandjiev initiator and founder of the foundation, Mrs. Maria Salabasheva a member of the board, Ms. Liliana Slavova a chairman of the foundation, businessmen from Burgas, artists and academics. Thanks to the generosity and nobility of such people the children develop and in a matter of short time achieved success in various fields, that were awarded: 8 year old Tzvetan Stoyanov, a national champion in classic chess, Kalina Ivanova, awarded with the prize Young Artist for 2012, Siana Zhekova, awarded with two national prizes for painting and laureate of the 17-th national mathematics tournament acad. Kiril Popov , Yanita Dzhunova from the Language of the young Bulgarians project is with a first prize under the Powerful Start program, Denitsa Kovacheva, a second place at the prestigious competition in Dusseldorf The youth creates, application artist Veronica Valcheva, first place at the National competition Kazanlashka roza. Daniela Karaivanova, decorated with many national and international awards in 2012 won the Foundations Great Award Chance for the talent. Thanks to the foundation Dani will join a summer course in illustration at one of the most prestigious British universities in the sphere of art central Saint Martins, London For me it is an exceptional honor to be one of the foundations kids, I am happy to take part in the English language project, where I can improve my knowledge and develop my creativity. In the face of the team of the foundation I find true teachers and friends. They stimulate me to develop my talents and to follow my dreams. They give me a hand in difficult times, when I need help or advice. They share my joy whenever I succeed, which makes me believe, that what I create is meaningful and important. Being a foundations kid is not only a pride but a responsibility as well. This motivates me to go on with even greater diligence to work harder and succeed more. Therefore I would like to thank to Chance for the children of Bulgaria foundation for all that they do for us, the children, shared with us Dani during her awards ceremony.

The four high school students from Varna Nedelcho Laskov, Anastasia Antonova, Atanas Kovachev and Ivan Popov, who have recently returned from USA after receiving the Great NASA prize at the prestigious international competition for their model of a space colony on Mars. The foundation awarded them with the prize for an innovative project for 2012.

Today we are especially happy we have shown everyone what we can do within less than a year. The children from the Center for your talents showed their unique and diverse talents. The sparkles in their eyes and those of the audience makes us believe the road that we are on is the right one for the future of our children, shared with us Liliana Slavova, a chairman of the foundation.