Talented children develop “Tic Tac Toe” game - an internship in a European IT company “Bulpros Consulting”.

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Our talents during the internship in Sofia.

For a second consecutive year European IT company Bulpros Consulting, organized in Sofia four-days internship in Informatics and new technologies together with their team and talented children from the Chance for Children Foundation of Bulgaria. Professional practice is part of the curriculum of the new technologies on new projects in the Center for Young Talents in Burgas.

The company won numerous awards in the IT and business sectors, as well as National Championship in 2014/15 European Business Awards, they gave the opportunity to children involved proactively in new technologies to learn in depth the work of various departments of the company and realize creative and applied activities in the field. Young talents worked, and were supported by mentors Ivo Markov, Senior Software Engineer at cloudpartner.de, and Velislav Stanchev, Web & Mobile Team Lead / Creative Lead at BULPROS, on a project set by the company: the development of the game Tic Tac Toe.

The children and I are very satisfied with the next visit to BULPROS. We learned many new and useful practical things, especially how to work in a team and to plan their work, said Mrs. Merry Vangelova, professor of New Technologies at the Center for young talents.

The event, run jointly sponsored by the company Bulpros Consulting aims to demonstrate successful training model: in practical terms, children who learn the principles of teamwork can take creative solutions to adapt to the dynamics of working life and technology in the modern world . We hope that such collaborations provide opportunities for real and accurate orientation and realization of our talents. Special thanks to the entire team of Bulpros Consulting for giving us the opportunity for professional attitude and another ready to support us. summarize Liliana Slavova, president of the Chance for Children of Bulgaria.