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Center for young talents

The major project for the “Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria” Foundation for 2011 is opening a Center for Young Talents in Bourgas. The Center’s lofty aim is to implement creative projects of respected teachers with acclaimed and talented students for supplementing their school education and to invest in advanced tuition and intellectual development in accordance with the European requirements and the students’ personal interests and gifts in all fields of science, technology and art.

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The creators Radoslav Gizgindjiev, Desislava Nikolova, Nadezhda Dineva and Dilyan Dimitrov will be the jury of the sixth edition of the prestigious literary competition "And children conquer worlds. Show that you can!" on "My Letter to Bulgaria".

This year's edition of the competition is aimed at young Bulgarians living abroad, and for the second consecutive year Radoslav Gizgindjiev - one of the most acclaimed contemporary Bulgarian writers and playwrights author of the bestselling trilogy "Paradise", is the chairman of the authoritative jury.

At the invitation of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation also responded Desislava Nikolova (Desi Nico), winner of the National Debut Literature Award Southern Spring in the prose genre, author of the acclaimed novel Alice and Friday Night, as well as cultural and social articles published in various online media; Nadezhda Dineva - a journalist, writer, author of her debut novel, The Order of the Scorpions, and is currently the director of a creative writing project for children at the Center for Young Talents My First Stories, as well as Dilyan Dimitrov winner in numerous literary competitions, a member of the Russian-based International Association of Independent Writers Collaboration, publications in a number of collections and almanacs.

"We are extremely happy to officially present our star jury. We are grateful that for six years now we have the opportunity to discover and develop literary talents together with some of the most talented and distinguished creators in Bulgaria. For the second consecutive year, in addition to the prize money provided, we will be publishing a book with essays and short stories by the best participants in the competition entitled "My Letter to Bulgaria". Our goal is not only to promote creativity and encourage the gifts of young writers, but also to encourage their peers to communicate with each other through literature. The most interesting thing is that this year we will for the first time have the opportunity to "hear" the voices of young Bulgarians who are not in the country but who were born or live and study around the world. What will we learn from them? ", Commented Liliana Slavova, Chair of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation.

The organizers remind that the deadline for submitting works is January 10, 2020. The full terms of the competition are published on the Foundation's website.

Roza Boyanova, Nedyalko Yordanov, Nadezhda Dineva, Pepa Nikolova

On the eve of the Burgas holiday - St. Nicholas Day, with a packed room, a lot of excitement and children's smiles passed the holiday of the Center for Young Talents in the city. The finalists of the 1st Regional Children's Poetry Competition "I-the Child of the Sea" solemnly received their medals, diplomas and awards from the renowned Bulgarian poet and playwright Nedyalko Yordanov, as well as from the other members of the jury: poetess Roza Boyanova and writer Nadezhda Dineva.

The young talented poets received not only their first well-deserved vocations, but also the exceptional opportunity to continue to develop their writing talents for free in the Creative Writing for Young Children pilot project "My Little Stories" at the Center for Young Talents..

The awarding ceremony began with the magic of the Bulgarian folklore performed by the children's folklore formation "Zelenika", led by the famous Bulgarian folk singer Maria Markova - Halacheva and continued with the official awarding of the little Burgas poets. Nedyalko Yordanov welcomed all 19 award-winning children, told them about his start in writing and wished them to continue their creative career and not give up on the difficulties. The children presented their poems and were cheered by a loud applause among the large audience.

The celebration ended with the wonderful voices of the vocal group "Sea Blue", led by Mrs. Marieta Seklemova, the guests also had the opportunity to visit the charity Christmas bazaar of the center and to buy handmade unique items from the talented children of the center.

"For ten years now we have been supporting and developing the greatest potential of our country - the talents of our children. Our first competition for children's poetry perfectly fulfilled its goal of stimulating children's imagination and stimulating the interest of the youngest in poetry. We are happy that in Burgas we have found so many talented children and we are glad that they will have the opportunity to develop their talents by studying further in our center. We heartily thank Mr. Nedyalko Yordanov, Ms. Rosa Boyanova, Ms. Vanya Zheleva and Ms. Nadezhda Dineva for supporting us in our mission to give the talent a chance, commented Ms. Liliana Slavova, President of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation and founder of the Center for Talents in Burgas. "We expect all small and large to be involved in our many initiatives: projects, competitions, olympiads, contests, charity campaigns. All together for a better future and for the sake of our children!"

On December 7, 2019. (Saturday) Center for Young Talents, Burgas will celebrate its 9th anniversary. Many interesting and varied events await children and adults.

From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, the annual Charity Christmas Bazaar will be held with beautiful, handmade unique items made by the talented children of the Center. Souvenirs, Christmas decorations and fashion accessories, wonderful calendars with author paintings, books and more surprises and conceptual gifts will all be available for charity. Funds raised from the bazaar will be spent on the development of talented Burgas children.

Accompanying it will be the event "Open Day", which can include all children and parents interested in the activities of the Center. They will have the opportunity to attend various module project classes and become familiar with teaching methods, teachers and the overall atmosphere of the Center.

From 5:00 pm will be the official award ceremony of the finalists of the 1st regional competition for children's poem on the theme "I Am the Child of the Sea" with the chairman of the jury, the famous Bulgarian poet Nedyalko Yordanov. More than 70 children aged 7 to 12 took part in the first ever competition for the city and the region. Special greetings for all guests will be given by the small talents of the folklore formation "Zelenika" with leader the famous folk singer Maria Markova-Halacheva, and for the final we will hear the wonderful voices of the vocal group "Navy Blue" led by Marieta Seklemova.

At the Little Prince Reading Literary Club, Stella Yosifova will ignite the Christmas mood of Burgas children by presenting her latest children's novel "Santa's Chocolate Factory". A guest will also be Krassimir Prodanov, a journalist and translator of the worldwide hit for children "Chiftoyadtsite", who will also be featured at the club.

Organizers promise a day filled with emotions, a very festive mood and thousands of suggestions with a good cause for your Christmas gifts. They invite and expect all citizens of Burgas and the region to the well-known address - 4 Atanas Sirekov Square, opposite Burgas Municipality.

As a unique center for work and development of talented children in Bulgaria, member of the prestigious international organization ETSN European Talent Support Network, Center for Young Talents, Burgas received approval and funding from the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation for the creation and implementation of the Green Youth Ambassadors project on ecology and environmental protection. The module project is absolutely free of charge and is intended for students from 5th to 10th grade. It aims to direct young people to the issues of sustainable development and environmental protection, as is done in all educationally developed countries.

"With the introduction of our latest environmental project, we want to encourage a conscious change in youth behavior towards nature and to show opportunities for effective actions to stimulate the development of new values and environmental behaviors. The concept is based on the integration between the acquisition of new knowledge and skills and the upgrading of acquired knowledge and skills in the subjects of biology, chemistry, geography, physics, science, history, Bulgarian language, fine arts, which enables both the activation of cognitive activity and independence of the participants, as well as for a more lasting absorption of the offered knowledge and skills", said Ms. Liliana Slavova, Chairwoman of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation.

The curriculum includes topics such as selected information about the environment and the factors that affect it, threats to its state, changes in the atmosphere, soil and water, biodiversity, sustainable production, development and consumption, efficient use of energy, life cycle of materials and others. The author and leader of the project is Emilia Pramatarova, with MA as a Landscape Architect. Until recently, she was a senior expert in the Green System sector, with many years of experience and as a lecturer in the field of Park Construction.

Classes will be held once a week (Saturday) from 2.30pm to 4.30pm and the project duration is until the end of the school year. Both theoretical and practical activities are included. Places are limited, and the Center for Young Talents calls on all young people with an interest in the field to contact: 0887 201033; 0882 723760 and retain their place in the project.

We are happy to announce that Mrs. Liliana Slavova, Chairwoman of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation, was invited as one of the key speakers at the international conference "Talenti Nascosti e Menti Eccezionali", convegno internazionale sulla plusdotazione e lalto potenziale cognitivo, organized by the Italian Mentecomportamento Talent Association and held on 26.10.2019 in Italy.

Mrs. Slavova presented to the numerous public nine years of experience in finding and developing gifted children of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation and the Center for Young Talents, members of the prestigious European Council for High Ability (ECHA) and certified as official European Talent Point for talent work.

"We are proud to have been invited, alongside the most advanced European countries, to present good and current practices in the work on the discovery, support and development of young talents. Every year, about 150 children are trained to develop creative projects of distinguished teachers in the fields of science, art and new technologies. We are the first Bulgarian organization among the other 49 countries, admitted to the prestigious international organization ECHA, which has been working in the field of talent development for 31 years. At the conference in Italy I had the opportunity to present our numerous projects and initiatives, as well as our program "Annual awards, scholarships and honors", through which we have been helping many years talents from all over Bulgaria. Our laureates are one of the most successful children and young people in Bulgaria. We have helped the participation and excellent performance of many young Bulgarians at prestigious international competitions, contests, olympiads and other forums for expression. At the international forum we also showed our experience in creating, organizing and conducting national and regional competitions, tournaments, contests and competitions that stimulate children's gifts in the fields of mathematics, informatics and new technologies, literature and fine arts; we introduced our charity work and our work with talented children in need. The feedback from the conference participants gave us the assurance that we are moving in the right direction and can be compared to the best. We dream of more support and assistance from the Bulgarian institutions and the state in the name of its future development of our children" said Mrs. Liliana Slavova.