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The major project for the “Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation for 2011 is opening a Center for Young Talents in Bourgas. The Center’s lofty aim is to implement creative projects of respected teachers with acclaimed and talented students for supplementing their school education and to invest in advanced tuition and intellectual development in accordance with the European requirements and the students’ personal interests and gifts in all fields of science, technology and art.

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How did Bulgarian students come to a NASA competition in Washington? How a little musical talent went to New York concerts, and a young artist completed an illustration course at one of London's most prestigious art universities, free of charge. What should talents from all over Bulgaria do to win scholarships and certificates to help realize themselves in life? These are a small part of the questions you will find in the documentary Stories about the Chance and Talent of the Chance for Children of Bulgaria Foundation by Martina Chachevska. The documentary video lasts 29 minutes and reflects the life and work of children and youth from the Center for Young Talents in Burgas.

The idea for the creation of the film is of the chairman of the Foundation Liliana Slavova. She decides to collect the stories of the children who have participated in the various creative projects of the Center for Young Talents in Bourgas over the years and to create in the viewers themselves how the work goes there and what opportunities are available to young people. Creating a center for gifted children in her hometown is her dream come true. Having graduated from abroad, she returns with the conviction that every Bulgarian should do something for her country. Together with several of her classmates and friends from the English High School, she decided to set up a national non-governmental organization to support talented children and a center for young talents in her hometown of Bourgas.

Seven years later, the first alumni of this center stand in front of the camera and tell their experiences and the opportunities they have gained thanks to their participation in various creative projects, competitions and contests. The Foundation has a wealth of personal archive footage that illustrates their stories. There are many smiling faces, colorful drawings, music, dance, theater. It also contains important information about why the certificates of a center in Burgas are so valued around the world and how every talented child can get them.

The premiere will take place on May, 21 at Grand Hotel and Spa Primoretz, where the Center for Young Talents in Burgas and the Chance for Children of Bulgaria Foundation will officially distinguish the most successful talented children with their program. Awards, scholarships and prizes will be given to the finalists of the 1-st tournament for Burgas and the region for pre-school children, "I know it all", again organized by the Foundation. The eighth edition of the awards ceremony will take place on the eve of the Annual Holiday of Talent and the guests will have the opportunity to see authors fashion show - The scent of summer of the talented girls from the fashion design project led by the famous Burgas designer Maria Taneva as well as Annual Exhibition of the participants in the art projects I can and I love, with Tanya Stoyanova.

"Whole of me" debut exhibition of Elena Mazneva and Rostislava Nacheva

Bourgas children talents with a debut solo exhibition of fine arts

The "Chance for the Children of Bulgaria" Foundation and the Center for Young Talents in Burgas present The Whole of Me 1st original exhibition by Elena Mazneva, 15 years old and Rostislava Nacheva, 14 years old. from a art module project on graphics and painting Composition and Drawing, led by Mrs. Tanya Stoyanova.

Talented girls have been studying and developing their skills in the Center for Young Talents for several years, and their passion for painting has become almost a professional occupation. Elena and Rossi are the winners of many awards from national and international fine arts competitions.

The idea and realization of the exhibition is of the Center for Young Talents, the goal being to distinguish not only the talent of the girls but also the hard work, the consistency and the persistence behind their gifts which are a basic precondition for their success.

The exhibition is permanent and can be seen at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas at 4, Atanas Sirekov Square.

IT talents from the CYT, Burgas

For a fifth consecutive year, the European information company Bulpro Consulting organized in Sofia a one-week practical meeting on informatics and new technologies between its team and children-talents. The specialized practice is an element of the curriculum of the new technology projects of the Center for Young Talents in the city of Burgas.
Participants in a Information Technology Module Project Introduction to Java Programming and Applications at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas were introduced through presentations of the company's history, vision, mission and values as well as the main activities it performs. They were then given the tasks they had to work on, and they were divided into two teams. The task of one team was to make a mobile application for children for word learning and admin panel to edit content in the app. The technologies they had to use to implement the project were: React Native, Google Speech to Text API, Node.js, Express, Mongodb. The assignment for the other team was to make a website that provides time information for a given location. The technologies they had to use to complete their assignment were: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, NodeJS. Each of the teams had two mentors who were responsible for explaining tasks, giving guidance, and successfully overall coping with the project. Practitioners shared that during this period they were able to enrich their current knowledge, to acquire new and to have fun at the same time. The company also organized team building for the participants in the practice in the form of team play in an escape room. The team was relaxing and amused at the same time as they solved the puzzles to get out of the room. On the last day of the event participants presented their finalized projects. Together with their mentors, the teams outlined the technologies they used to complete their project, the difficulties they encountered in completing the task, and how they managed to deal with them.
The participants in the program received certificates for the successful training program and returned loaded with many ideas and enthusiasm for work. The talents unanimously shared the view that this experience was of great benefit to them, they learned to work better in a team, learned a lot of new technologies and techniques.
The event, jointly sponsored by Bulpros Consulting, aims to demonstrate a successful model of learning: in practical terms, children learn the principles of teamwork, can make creative decisions, adapt to the dynamics of everyday life and technology in the modern world . We cordially thank Bulpros Consulting's team for the opportunity they have provided, their professional attitude and longstanding successful and productive collaboration, summarized Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation.

Radoslav Gizgindjiev at the Center for Young Talents

Radoslav Gizgindjiev is a young artist, writer, publicist and public figure. He was born in Rudozem. Only 32 years old, and there are already many memorable works under his belt.

Protean and multi-layered, he creates movies, writes drama and novels. His debut in the League of the Greatest is the screening of Elin Pelin's "Missing Words" story, where he relies on experienced and familiar actors such as Koyna Russeva, Georgi Vachev, Anelia Tasheva and others.

His first novel, "Paradise", comes out at the end of 2012. and has been reissued more than five times. Next is "Pages of Heaven: The Logs," and in 2015 the Paradise - "The Doors - Paradise Part II" and "Butterflies - Paradise III" are published.

At the same time, in the big cities, the four monospectacles are played, which the author himself wrote and directed.

Center for Young Talents and Literary Club - Reading Room "The Little Prince" had the pleasure to touch the work of the young Bulgarian writer Radoslav Gigidgjiev.

Meeting one of the most contemporary Bulgarian authors attracted a large part of the graduates of the Center for Young Talents, their teachers, guests and friends. The author briefly talked about himself, presented his new book, "More than Love," and told about the difficulties that the writer has in our time. There were numerous questions by the audience. The discussion continued with a lot of emotion, laughter and personal memories.

Reading room "The Little Prince", Burgas

Chance For The Children Of Bulgaria foundation opened a free reading room The Little Prince in Burgas

With a lot of joy and children's smiles, the first of its kind club was opened - a reading room for children from 6 to 13 years of age.
Yana Vassileva, a former graduate of the Center for Young Talents and currently a student of Pop and Jazz Singing, congratulated the numerous guests with the anthem of the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria foundation, the author's song Childhood. The event continued with interesting information and facts about the importance of reading books.

We believe that reading must not be an obligation! And the books are countless - it is very nice to discover new and new pearls. Therefore, in the titles offered, children will find not only those books that are being taught in school or those from the childhood of us - the adults. We love Pippi and Carlson, but we invite you to become acquainted with new characters from modern and contemporary children's literature! The first enthusiastic little readers experienced wonderful emotions in our new reading room and reaffirmed how useful this initiative is for the intellectual development of adolescents! We expect many children and teachers from the primary schools in Bourgas to participate actively in our literary readings!, summed up the idea Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria foundation.
We are honored and happy that the Foundation has approached us to support this extremely important project for the children of Burgas. We are glad that we are part of the initiative and we believe in its success, said Martin Zhelev, manager of Grand Hotel and Spa Primoretz, to the audience.

During the event, an exhibition of the drawings from the First Regional Online Children's Creative Competition on My Angel Mum, organized by the hosts, was also opened. Prizes and diplomas were awarded to the winners of the two age groups - Maria Juriva Blagoeva, Lyuben Karavelov school from Kiten at the age of 10 and - Yoanna Tihomirova Yanakieva at 11 years from Sozopol, Sofia University. The organizers gave luxurious painting sets to the talented girls, as well as free one-month training in fine art projects at the Center for Young Talents.

For the final, all the children present were invited to the new colorful and bright reading room The Little Prince, where, on trial reading, the kids touched the magic of the books. The event ended with treats prepared by Sladko and Soleno. The first friends of Literary Club Reading Room The Little Prince received a gift on their way home. - a new book for the home library.

Free Literary Cube Reading Room The little prince accepts phone bookings on +359 56 825 727; + 359 887 201 033 and is located in the building of the Center for Young Talents, Atanas Sirekov Square #4 (opposite the Municipality) in Burgas.