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“Chance for the children of Bulgaria” Foundation announces a literary contest “And the children conquer worlds. Show that you can 2016”.

The contest is an essay or short story and helps to encourage children and young people - artists with a keen interest in literature and creative writing. It is national and is organized for the third consecutive year as part of the projects of the Foundation to support the development of young talents in Bulgaria.

Competition theme 2016:
“Up from the top the world is too small!”

Conditions for participation and regulation of competition:

  • The competition is open to children and young people across the country from 15 to 19 years
  • The materials should not exceed 2 printed pages
  • The text must be written in 2016 and should not have been published to date
  • Pages should be printed, numbered and in A4 format
  • Official languages ​​of the competition: Bulgarian language

Evaluation criteria:

  • Originality and the artistic approach to the presentation of the topic
  • Targeted, compelling and complete argument
  • Linguistic precision and stylistic unity

Deadline for applications: December 7, 2016
Send your works as attachment to: to or to the mailing address: Center for Young Talents, 4, Atanas Sirekov sq., Burgas 8000

Please do not forget to include:

  • Your full names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address, email and phone number
  • Your photo (jpg format) and a short biography and the name of your school

Applicants who have not complied with the above conditions will not be allowed to participate.

A jury of respected artists from Burgas will determine the winners of the awards. The winners will be awarded the following distinctions: Ranking first will receive a cash prize and a certificate. Second and third prizes will be awarded with prizes and certificates.

Announcement of winners: December 9, 2015

Prizes will be awarded on December 10, at 11:00 at a ceremony at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas, and the best works will be published on our web site.
By submitting the work, the participant explicitly agrees his work and his personal data may be published on the website of the Foundation.

We wish success to all participants!

Latest News

Mrs. Martina Chachevska with the young videographers

For the first time, young videographers from Burgas received internationally recognized certificates. Testimonies will help them apply for higher education and work in the field of audiovisual media both in Bulgaria and abroad.

After an elaborate theoretical and practical examination, 3 girls and 2 boys from Burgas have acquired internationally recognized certificates for video recording and installation. They will be their advantage when applying to higher education institutions in the visual arts, media and advertising in Bulgaria and abroad. The youngsters are 10 to 17 years of age and are participants in the first of a kind project related to the video Modern Television and Video of the Center for Young Talents to the Chance Foundation for the Children of Bulgaria.

The Center launched this module project as a response to the new passion of the contemporary video society. It turns out that each of us looks at 10 to 30 videos unintentionally every day while looking at social media and news websites. Each of us shoots video with his smartphone in moments that excite him. According to latest research, the potential customer perceives 70% easier video advertising compared to advertising text and commercial images. Techniques are now available to our younger children. Through the phone, they have the ability not only to shoot video, but also to broadcast live whatever they think. They do not think whether they can expose themselves and expose their families... These tendencies are largely unrealized in the circles of contemporary Bulgarian education. The social networks are full of sexually mischievous videos of underage girls and boys, and the education system is late with its measures.

The Center for Young Talents is the first institution in Burgas to take responsibility for dealing with the Video and Children issue. In October 2017, the Modern TV and Video project was launched. It included children and adolescents interested in vlogging, video capture and installation. The project manager and lecturer was Martina Chachevska, script writer and director in TV SKAT, with years of experience in writing, directing, filming and video editing. Martina Chachevska also has a pedagogical education and experience as a teacher in elite Bourgas high schools. She has been head of a musical-artistic group with dozens of young people for years, says Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance Foundation for the Children of Bulgaria.

For 60 lessons, participants learned about the features of outdoor and studio photography. They shot with DSLR, Action camera, compact camera, smartphone. They learned the basic rules of video editing in two world-famous editing programs. They understood how to interview and how to perform best when being interviewed. They captured and edited images. They shot a short film and participated in two festivals Early Chicken and Harlequin. They learned the 2D animation technique Stop Motion. They filmed an event with three cameras.

During the second module of the project they will shoot music and commercial videos, vlogs and more.

The children from the Center for Young Talents

On December 16, 2017, the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation celebrated the seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Center for Young Talents in Burgas. From the beginning till today, over 700 children have successfully developed their talents in the field of science, technology and arts, in the only Bulgarian officially certified European Talent Center.

In front of the beautiful building of the Center, a cultural monument itself, young talents, parents, relatives and friends, as well as the team of the Foundation, organized for another year Charity Christmas Bazaar under the motto Children-talents help children in need. The event attracted the attention of the guests and passers-by with the variety of handmade unique and varied paintings and Christmas drawings, cards, toys and sweets. With the funds collected, the Foundation will provide essential materials for a sheltered home for children deprived of parental care and special needs in Burgas.

The official part of the celebration began with the brilliant performance of the young violinist Anton Kolev, who greeted guests with a violin sonata by Arthur Rubinstein. The event continued with the awarding of the finalists of the 4th National Literary Contest "And the Children Conquer Worlds! Show That You Can!" - 2017. Mrs. Kostadinka Nedyalkova, chairman of the jury, made a detailed analysis of the competition, which this year passed with an exceptionally of high interest from highschool students. 150 works from 66 towns in Bulgaria were received.

At the festival, the most prominent graduates of the Center for Young Talents received the awards and diplomas for 2017 September-December period. The guests' Christmas mood was cared by participants in the Challenges 1 English project with their performance of John Lennon's Happy X-mas \ War is over, and at the end Greta Boyadjieva from the German project, invited all guests to join the Charity bazaar, with the song Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

Victoria, Fatme and Ralitsa

Chance for the children of Bulgaria foundation announced and awarded the winners in the National Literary Contest "And the Children Conquer the Worlds! Show that you can!" - 2017

On December 14, 2017, the 4th National Literature Contest "And the Children Conquer the Worlds! Show That You Can!" - 2017, organized by the Chance for the children of Bulgaria Foundation was over. The essay competition aims to encourage children and young artists with a keen interest in literature and creative writing This year's edition passed with an extremely high interest and great activity by high school students, and 150 students from 15 to 19 years from 66 settlements in Bulgaria were reasoning about the topic.

The jury evaluated the contest essays on several criteria: originality and creative approach to presenting the topic; purposefulness, persuasiveness and completeness of the argumentation; linguistic precision and style unity; genre matching.

The distinguished authors for 2017 are:

  • First place: Victoria Todorova Filipova, 16 years from Varna
  • Second place: Ralitsa Atanasova Kartunova, 16 years from Varna
  • Third place: Lyubomira Petkova Dimitrova, 16 years from Svishtov
  • Encouragement award of the jury: Fatme Hasan Murad, 16 years from Krilatitsa, Kardjali

The official award ceremony took place on December 16, 2017 (at 11:00 am) in the building of the Center for Young Talents, Burgas, 4 Atanas Sirekov Square. The awards were provided by the Chance for the children of Bulgaria Foundation, Bookpoint Bookstore, Ciela Bookstore, Aviana Publishing House and Cleverbook Publishing House.

Our contest proves once again that in every corner of our country there are many talented young people with an opinion, awake, thinking and capable. This strengthens our belief in the young generation and in the meaning of our mission to encourage and support it on the path to success! We congratulate the finalists and admire the achievements "- summed up after the award, Ms. Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Foundation.

Theatrical art studio "The Little Prince"

On 19.05.2017 The Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation and the Bourgas Center for Young Talents celebrated their sixth anniversary in Adriana Budevska Dramatic Theater.

Five talented children from the country were solemnly awarded at the Annual Talent Celebration for their achievements during the year. Elena Mazneva, Veselin Karaganev, Eleonora Ivanova, Chavadar Lalov and Iva Ichevska, won many international and national awards in the areas of fine arts, informatics, music and mathematics, and deservedly became laureates of the seventh edition of the Scholarships, awards and prizes project in 2017.

The finalists of the 3rd Regional Olympiad in Informatics, organized jointly with Burgas Free University, also received awards.

The ceremony was accompanied by the official premiere of the already acclaimed debut performances of theatrical art studio at the Center for Young Talents Lily and Hrilli on texts by Valeri Petrov and Tale about the Road by Stefan Tsanev, directed by Rumen Velev. The audience in the full hall was to witness the undeniable talent and professionalism of young artists.

The participants in the fashion design projects Debut and Decorative Applied Arts and Decoration and Design with head Albena Sveshtarova presented themselves with Horizons fashion show on the theme Urban fashion inspired by the street fashion. In the foyer of the theater was opened a charity artistic exhibition-bazaar Painted Love. With their works, the children participating in the art projects Painting and Graphic Design and Interior Design, led by Tanya Stoyanova, demonstrated once again in an original and unique way their talent. Almost all the paintings found new owners.

We are proud and thank our talents for the work, the commitment and the efforts that help us to achieve our mission and goals!
We want to emphasize that talent is not the gift with which we are born. Talent lies in the systematic work of its development! Working with talented children is of paramount importance not only to the individual but also to the future of our entire society, and us all, educators, parents, politicians, public figures, all are responsible and we must jointly multiply the nation's most valuable capital! - commented after the event Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation.

The young IT talents from the Center for Young Talents participated for a consecutive year of the internship program organized by the European software company Bulpro.

Here we share the impressions of the event of our talent Veselin Karaganev: "We, the participants from the project Introduction to Java Programming and Programming with C # and Applications at the Center for Young Talents in Bourgas, were pleased to be on a one-week practice for the period from 10.04 to 14.04.2017 in one of the leading and fastest growing software companies in Bulgaria - Bulpros Consulting AD, Sofia.

The organization in Sofia was done by Elena Stefanova, HR Manager at the company, which was very close to us throughout our stay. On the first day, the two teams went to the corresponding buildings in Business Park Sofia. We became acquainted with our mentors, and for the participants in the "Introduction to Java Programming" project, these were Marina, Ivan, Nicholas, and the participants in "Programming with C #" - Emilian and Ivan. They presented to us the projects we had to develop and the technologies we could use to implement them, all of them happily answering our questions. They told us how their days are going on in the company and what really is their job. They were extremely committed and enthusiastic to work with us and to help us improve our knowledge and skills.

The Java Introduction to Java Programming project was defined as Android application that implements real-time communication via audio messaging. The set of technologies we used was limited to Java, SQLite, Android Studio and Git. After reviewing the assignment, we split into 2 teams. The first one was responsible for the implementation of the application, and the latter had the task of building the server part of the project, the main purpose of which was to receive, process and send the audio recordings. Mentors gave us directions on our work, explained the main problems we had to work on and work started. In the course of the work, we not only expanded our knowledge and learned new ones, but also managed to entertain ourselves. We have learned what really lies behind the concept of teamwork and how to work together for the common goal. Especially valuable for both teams was the opportunity to work with an architect. This is extremely close to real day-to-day work in a company. Mentors responded to each of our questions and helped us all the time. The project of our second group was the development of a console game that involved developing a kind of artificial intelligence.

On the last day of our practice the presentation of the projects took place, which was successfully implemented by both teams. This brought us joy and satisfaction, and the experience would serve as an inspiration for future projects."

The participants in the program received certificates for the successfully passed training program and returned loaded with many ideas and enthusiasm for work. We thank Bulpros for cooperation and professionalism.