Donation for charity causes has a remarkable history in Bulgaria. Thanks to our old traditions ktitors and donation have kept our ethos until present times. The necessity to show charity, to help has always existed. The consciousness for the socially useful does not depend on the social position and the economic state of the donators. Sometimes we need just a little bit to achieve MORE, especially when it comes to our children!

“Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation wishes to support directly as many talented young people as possible and relies on the aid of natural persons and legal entities for any kind of help connected with the prosperity of the Bulgarian children.

Thank you for choosing to support the initiatives and activities of “Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation

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Center for young talents

The major project for the “Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation for 2011 is opening a Center for Young Talents in Bourgas. The Center’s lofty aim is to implement creative projects of respected teachers with acclaimed and talented students for supplementing their school education and to invest in advanced tuition and intellectual development in accordance with the European requirements and the students’ personal interests and gifts in all fields of science, technology and art.

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Latest News

Theatrical art studio "The Little Prince"

On 19.05.2017 The Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation and the Bourgas Center for Young Talents celebrated their sixth anniversary in Adriana Budevska Dramatic Theater.

Five talented children from the country were solemnly awarded at the Annual Talent Celebration for their achievements during the year. Elena Mazneva, Veselin Karaganev, Eleonora Ivanova, Chavadar Lalov and Iva Ichevska, won many international and national awards in the areas of fine arts, informatics, music and mathematics, and deservedly became laureates of the seventh edition of the Scholarships, awards and prizes project in 2017.

The finalists of the 3rd Regional Olympiad in Informatics, organized jointly with Burgas Free University, also received awards.

The ceremony was accompanied by the official premiere of the already acclaimed debut performances of theatrical art studio at the Center for Young Talents Lily and Hrilli on texts by Valeri Petrov and Tale about the Road by Stefan Tsanev, directed by Rumen Velev. The audience in the full hall was to witness the undeniable talent and professionalism of young artists.

The participants in the fashion design projects Debut and Decorative Applied Arts and Decoration and Design with head Albena Sveshtarova presented themselves with Horizons fashion show on the theme Urban fashion inspired by the street fashion. In the foyer of the theater was opened a charity artistic exhibition-bazaar Painted Love. With their works, the children participating in the art projects Painting and Graphic Design and Interior Design, led by Tanya Stoyanova, demonstrated once again in an original and unique way their talent. Almost all the paintings found new owners.

We are proud and thank our talents for the work, the commitment and the efforts that help us to achieve our mission and goals!
We want to emphasize that talent is not the gift with which we are born. Talent lies in the systematic work of its development! Working with talented children is of paramount importance not only to the individual but also to the future of our entire society, and us all, educators, parents, politicians, public figures, all are responsible and we must jointly multiply the nation's most valuable capital! - commented after the event Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation.

The young IT talents from the Center for Young Talents participated for a consecutive year of the internship program organized by the European software company Bulpro.

Here we share the impressions of the event of our talent Veselin Karaganev: "We, the participants from the project Introduction to Java Programming and Programming with C # and Applications at the Center for Young Talents in Bourgas, were pleased to be on a one-week practice for the period from 10.04 to 14.04.2017 in one of the leading and fastest growing software companies in Bulgaria - Bulpros Consulting AD, Sofia.

The organization in Sofia was done by Elena Stefanova, HR Manager at the company, which was very close to us throughout our stay. On the first day, the two teams went to the corresponding buildings in Business Park Sofia. We became acquainted with our mentors, and for the participants in the "Introduction to Java Programming" project, these were Marina, Ivan, Nicholas, and the participants in "Programming with C #" - Emilian and Ivan. They presented to us the projects we had to develop and the technologies we could use to implement them, all of them happily answering our questions. They told us how their days are going on in the company and what really is their job. They were extremely committed and enthusiastic to work with us and to help us improve our knowledge and skills.

The Java Introduction to Java Programming project was defined as Android application that implements real-time communication via audio messaging. The set of technologies we used was limited to Java, SQLite, Android Studio and Git. After reviewing the assignment, we split into 2 teams. The first one was responsible for the implementation of the application, and the latter had the task of building the server part of the project, the main purpose of which was to receive, process and send the audio recordings. Mentors gave us directions on our work, explained the main problems we had to work on and work started. In the course of the work, we not only expanded our knowledge and learned new ones, but also managed to entertain ourselves. We have learned what really lies behind the concept of teamwork and how to work together for the common goal. Especially valuable for both teams was the opportunity to work with an architect. This is extremely close to real day-to-day work in a company. Mentors responded to each of our questions and helped us all the time. The project of our second group was the development of a console game that involved developing a kind of artificial intelligence.

On the last day of our practice the presentation of the projects took place, which was successfully implemented by both teams. This brought us joy and satisfaction, and the experience would serve as an inspiration for future projects."

The participants in the program received certificates for the successfully passed training program and returned loaded with many ideas and enthusiasm for work. We thank Bulpros for cooperation and professionalism.

Daniela Karaivanova (first from the right)

As the only official European Talent Center in the country, we are extremely pleased to announce that from 29 March to 2 April 2017, a European Gifted Children Meeting took place in Budapest, where our representative and a multiple Foundation award winner - Daniela Karaivanova!

Danny was the only Bulgarian participant in the 5-day meeting organized by the Central European Talent Center! Over 70 talented young people worked together on innovative projects, exchanged experiences, ideas, and learned about the latest talent development practices.

We are proud that we are part of this international organization and we have the opportunity to work for and support talent, to develop the potential of young people and hope for more opportunities for expression and good integration of our children!

We present Danny's impression of the event: "Exciting themes, workshops with inspirational professionals, a rich cultural program, interesting meetings, discussions and new ideas - these are just some of the events during the European Youth Meeting in Budapest. She gathered young talented people from 17 countries who presented the Center for Young Talents in their country as well as innovative ideas and training methods.
Each of the days of the conference was dedicated to a particular topic and all events were related to it. After the arrival of the participants, the conference was unofficially opened with interactive group games. This helped to quickly explore and find similarities and common themes.
The next day the youth meeting was opened by Peter Stermeli, who presented the ETCH and its history. After a presentation of the youth platform and current and future projects, an interesting lecture on the importance of creating contacts for the development of talent followed. And this was the title of the first day of the Youth Conference program. We have learned that this is the basis of creativity in its various forms: as a means of creativity, decision-making and action in familiar and unfamiliar situations. And talent can evolve through the basic ingredients of wisdom and the ability to integrate into a new environment. During his lecture, Professor Scermelli shared with us interesting methods and exercises that can monitor progress and develop our talent in the right direction.

After a short break, the program continued with Lightening TED-Talks, where within 4-5 minutes we could tell about the young talent center we came from, about our passion or share something that inspired us. Speech topics were very diverse from creativity, volunteering and the educational system to book writing and programming. As the only representative from Bulgaria, I gave a short speech reflecting the activities of the Center for Young Talents in Burgas - its vision, mission and projects. By doing so, I have emphasized the importance of everyone being able to use their talent for a good cause. As an example, I gave the annual charity bazaar and my experience with short films and posters on important environmental and social themes ... Because the mission of talent is to share with others. After the afternoon, full of new ideas and inspirational stories, a cultural program followed in the center of Budapest: a boat trip and a visit to the Buddha Castle, from which there is an incredible view over the city.

Day two of the conference was named Day of Talent. During the workshop of William Benko, we discussed what makes an exciting speech. He gave us tips on preparation, structure and presentation itself. Professor Albert Zieger from the University of Nuremberg told us more about the concept of giftedness. Through research and target groups, he has shown us how difficult it is to recognize the child's potential at an early age, as this depends on many factors. Salamanca's education rights were discussed during the presentation of Dr. Silvia Petar-Scarka.
Then we worked in small groups under the Harmonious Students' Rights Scheme. I was part of the group that was exploring Talent Recognition in a school environment. Our idea was at each school at a certain time to conduct a test to determine which children were talented and in what field. The results should be shared with parents and teachers on relevant subjects so that students can receive special attention and opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills. Basic training is needed to identify and promote talent for each teacher. The findings of our work will be given to experts to draw up the final document to be presented to various institutions.
The evening was closed with a cultural program: Hungarian dances. After a brief introduction to the footsteps, we and the participants themselves, joined the dance under the accompaniment of live music.

April, 1 was under the motto Innovations and started at the Central European University. There, Henrik Papp introduced the Be-Innovative mobile application, with which teams can quickly and interestingly gather new ideas for their projects. Using it and the Design Thinking method, we gathered ideas for the different projects of the youth platform. Our project was to make exchanges between students from different youth talent centers. The aim of our group was to show how this exchange can be accomplished and what makes this exchange unique, namely the ability to communicate with other talented children and to attend courses of your interest in another country.
After the presentation of the results, we continued with short workshops moderated by the members of the Youth Platform Board. The first was how to find and support talented students in disadvantaged position. The second was related to one of the platform's projects: creating a poll aimed at talented young people. During the workshop, we discussed the steps to create a poll and compared online and paper forms. In the evening, there were group games and interesting challenges.

The Youth Conference in Budapest was an exciting meeting with talented people on the ETCH Youth Platform. She filled me with inspiration and new ideas, on the other hand it gave me guidance on how to continue developing my talent. Besides, I was introduced to managers from other youth centers who are interested and willing to work with the Center in Burgas. I sincerely thank the opportunity and I am glad that I was part of the event. "

Traditionally, on the eve of the ever bright Christmas holiday The Center for Young Talents in Burgas (created by the idea and with the support of the Chance for Children Bulgaria foundation) celebrates the anniversary of its opening. On this day children's talents and the team of the center summarize the way up to now and mark the reached point in their job. They reward the finalists of the National Literature Competition Foundation, designed to stimulate the development of young talented artists.

This year the organization of the event was made by the project participants at Applied Creative Writing essays project, who were leading the celebration. The celebration was dedicated to a great talent, great Bulgarian, dream seller, poet, playwright, screenwriter Valeri Petrov one of those Bulgarian talents who are an inspiration for young and old. The new addition of artistic talents to theater studio Little Prince, headed by the Burgas director Rumen Velev, prepared and presented with incredible performance For the waltz, autumn and winter, by Valeri Petrov.

The event continued with the awarding of the finalists of the 3-rd National Literary contest And children conquer worlds! Show that you can. The works of 47 contestants were evaluated by a jury chaired by the poet Lyubov Dzhungurova, members Elka Vasileva - journalist, writer, member of the Board of writers in Burgas, Kostadinka Nedyalkova - teacher of Bulgarian language and literature, Diana Savateva - journalist, Dimka Tashkova - writer, Sonia Georgieva - manager of a media agency. Lyubov Dzhungurova made a detailed analysis of the competition, the presentation of candidates from 24 towns and two villages from all over Bulgaria.

The jury ranked first Christina Kirova from Burgas, second Maria Andreeva, also from Burgas and third Alexandrina Naydenova from Kriva bara, Montana.

Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation becomes a part of the European Talent Support Network and an official European Talent Point. This network is to share best practices in talent support, to promote the cooperation of researchers, teachers in gifted education, and last but not least: young talents. The European Council for High Ability (ECHA) which is a 29-year-old European NGO is having the best experts of talent support. Two years ago ECHA started to organize a European Talent Support Network, which currently has more than 300 cooperating organizations from 35 countries within and outside Europe and Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation is the first organization representing Bulgaria.