Foundation for Young Talents

There are many talented children in Bulgaria. These children have to be encouraged and supported to develop their gifts, talents and creativity from early school age so they are able to fully reveal their potential.

The “Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria” Foundation has the noble aim to support the development of talented children and capable young people aged 6 to 20 by giving them opportunities depending entirely on their  qualities and skills, diligence and persistence, and to sponsor their education, vocational training and creative development.
Our major target is to invest in creative initiatives for advanced tuition and preparation in all fields of science, technology and art connected with the interests and talents of our children.

Center for young talents

The major project for the “Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria” Foundation for 2011 is opening a Center for Young Talents in Bourgas. The Center’s lofty aim is to implement creative projects of respected teachers with acclaimed and talented students for supplementing their school education and to invest in advanced tuition and intellectual development in accordance with the European requirements and the students’ personal interests and gifts in all fields of science, technology and art.

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Viktoria Poshtarova, 2nd grade

Vyara Pencheva, 6th grade

Demira Nedeva, 9th grade

Iva Ichevska, 10th grade

Iveta Pophristova, 7th grade

Ilias Noman, 11th grade

Marina Katsarska, 5th grade

Nikola Katsarski, 5th grade

Simona Vasileva, 9th grade

Simona Marinova, 3rd grade

Slaveya Semova, 1st year

Yasen Penchev, 10th grade