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Main project of the Foundation is The Center for young talents in the city of Burgas, founded in 2011. After a conducted tests to verify the skills and capabilities the Center trained more than 260 children from Burgas and the region in 22 creative projects in applied arts, painting and graphics, design, music, Bulgarian, German and English languages, mathematics, informatics, new technologies, chess, drama and puppet mastery. Alumni offers excellent training facilities, work in small groups, individual approach, non-traditional methods adapted to their needs curriculum, knowledgeable teachers with high qualifications, upgrading training and professional orientation, introduction to The European educational and cultural programs, with the most recent specialties and specializations in Bulgaria and European and world universities and offer them scholarships.

Our graduates enjoy numerous successes and achievements in Olympiads, international competitions and contests.

You can find more information about the projects of the Center for young talents here.

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Nurgyul Salimova - Bulgaria's youngest women's champion of all time, will be the main sessionist in a charity chess session organized by the "Chance for Bulgaria's Children and Nature" Foundation for the benefit of the talents of Burgas. Nurgyul is an international chess master for men and an international grandmaster for women, a world and European champion for girls and a multiple laureate of the Foundation supporting the development of gifted children and youth. In 2019, the young chess player won the Foundation prize, which ensured her participation in the European Blitz and Accelerated Chess Championship in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

"For eleven years now, we have been successfully discovering, supporting and developing the talents of Bulgaria. We have chosen as the cause of our event the collection of funds to build a symbol of the talented children of the city of Burgas, because we believe that success should be distinguished and highlighted. A good example should be displayed and serve as an inspiration to young people." commented Liliana Slavova, chairwoman of the "Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria" Foundation and creator of the Center for Young Talents, Burgas.

"Burgas is a city of talents, and therefore we believe that the first symbol of talent should be placed here, we hope that they will follow us at the national level as well," adds the master of sports and long-time coach of our world-class chess player Zhivko Zhekov.

The session will be held on Nov 26, 2022 at 16:00 in the conference hall of Hotel Bulgaria, and anyone who wants to touch world-level talent and compete with the best of the best in chess , can do so by registering at: Lovers of the intelligent game will have two options - to play against our world champion, as the entrance with the right to play is BGN 100, or to be guest observers, as the entrance without the right to play is BGN 50. And who does not have the opportunity to take part in the day of the event, can become a sponsor and support the cause by donating through the event's online platform:

The charity initiative will be held under the auspices and with the participation of Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of Burgas Municipality and with the assistance of Hotel Bulgaria and Digihub, partners of the organizers.

For the second year in a row, the "Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria" Foundation and the Center for Young Talents, the city of Burgas, announce the "Chance for the Talent of Burgas" campaign for the discovery and development of talented young people in the fields of science, technology and art. The campaign is once again implemented with the support of the Municipality of Burgas and the media partnership of Darik Radio Burgas.

The finalists will be provided with completely free year-round training in the only European certified center for working with talents, Center for Young Talents, Burgas, in the following fields: theater art, Bulgarian language and literature, visual arts, fashion design, informatics and new technologies and leadership and project management. The campaign is aimed at all young people from Burgas and the region between the ages of 14 and 20.

The organizers are initiating the campaign for another year due to the high success rate in the training of last year's finalists under the program. The youth proved the acquired knowledge and skills through numerous performances in national and international formats. All of them also obtained European recognized certificates from the respective project.

"We are happy that for ten years now we have had the opportunity to develop the gifts of Burgas children and upgrade their knowledge through innovative teaching methods. Our team consists of exceptional professionals with many years of work experience and numerous personal achievements and excellent students. It is important to note that the ahead-of-school projects we offer do not duplicate the material studied in educational institutions, but upgrade knowledge." commented Liliana Slavova, chairwoman of the Foundation, creator of the Center for Young Talents, Burgas.

The necessary documents for participation in the campaign are published HERE, and the deadline for accepting applications is September 30, 2022. Documents are accepted by email:, as well as at the address: Burgas, Atanas Sirekov Square 4 (opposite the Municipality of Burgas), fl. 1, st. 5 until 30.09.2022

For detailed information, you can call: 0887 201033; 0882 723 760.

This school year, the center for gifted children in the city will present the citizens of Burgas with a rich and varied program of activities on the occasion of its eleventh anniversary.

The colorful celebration will take place on 28.05.2022 (Saturday) at 11:00 a.m. at the Expo Center "Flora", Burgas.

From 11 a.m., the small finalists of the IV Mathematical Tournament "Mnogoznaiko" will be awarded, and a concert by the folklore group "Zelenika" led by Maria Halacheva will accompany the awarding with the spirit of Bulgarian music. The incredible poet from Burgas, Yana Valcheva, will present her talented little writers from a poetry workshop, of which she is the leader.

From 12 p.m., the guests of the event will be able to enjoy the Annual Fashion Show of the participants in the fashion design project led by designer Maria Taneva. And the theme of the review is "Today's Greats". The laureates of the "Awards, Scholarships, Honors 2022" program will also be awarded and encouraged with cash scholarships. Doctor Dobrina Topalova and her "flying people" will present the second issue of their author's youth magazine "About The Flying People", and the "Star Girls" cheerleading squad led by Donna Kaloyanova will immerse us in the art of dance. The book "When Tomorrow Becomes Today" with the best works from the 8th National Literary Competition will also be premiered! Its finalists will be awarded at the same ceremony.

From 1:00 p.m. the debut presentation of the comic book "The United" will be held, created by the participants in the art project "Illustration, Animation and Comics" led by Nikolay Petrov. Prizes will also be awarded to the finalists of the VII Regional IT Olympiad. With the theatrical production "Improvisations: walking with a fairy tale within a fairy tale", the participants of the theater studio "Homo ludens - The Playing Man" led by Simeon Dimitrov will present their acting skills to all present.

The extremely talented young singer Anastasia Mitsegorova, 12 years old from Kharkov, Ukraine, will take care of the overall mood of the guests.

During the whole time, the attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful exhibition on the theme of "Journey", the work of the talented artists from the art project "Palettes" led by Zlatka Koeva.

And for all young and old guests, the organizers have also provided two wonderful workshops on applied arts and drawing, in which everyone can get involved and create their own wonderful colorful work!

For the twelfth consecutive year, the "Chance for Children and Nature in Bulgaria" Foundation has announced the finalists of its "Prizes, Scholarships and Distinctions" project. Seven talented young Bulgarians from across the country receive financial awards for their achievements in national and international tournaments, competitions, contests, and olympiads in the fields of mathematics and information technology, literature, music, visual arts and dance.

The "Prizes, Scholarships and Distinctions" project has been in existence for twelve years, with the aim of supporting the education and performances of talented children and youth in the field of exact and humanitarian sciences, arts and new technologies.

Here are the finalists:

Christina Encheva, 4th grade, "Vicho Gruncharov" High school, Gorna Oryahovitsa receives an individual monetary award for excellent performance at republican or international olympiads, competitions, competitions in the field of musical art. During the 2021/2022 school year, Christina has won over 50 prizes in international and national competitions in the field of musical art, the most significant of which are: from the KARNOLSKY SUMMER CAMP -19-22 August 2021: First place - diploma and medal in the "Rock" category in the second age group, First place - diploma and medal in the "Jazz" category in the second age group /the only one in the category/, Special Award for the Studio Melodia competition for overall performance - diploma and cup /only/ and many others.

Lachezar Tomov, Grade 3 student at "Vasil Aprilov" Secondary School in Burgas, has been awarded an individual cash reward for excellent performance at national or international mathematics competitions, Olympiads, and contests. During the 2021/2022 school year, Lachezar has won 33 distinctions in national and international math competitions, most notably: First Place Grade 3 - Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad Qualifying Round (PIMSO); First Place Grade 3 (Group 3-4, English Language) - Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad 2021 (SEAMO); First Place Grade 3 - Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Qualifying Round (TIMO Heat round 2021) and many others.

Marina Katsarska, 5th grade student at "Panayot Pipkov" National School of Arts in Pleven, is receiving a monetary prize for her achievements in the field of visual art. For 2021/2022, Marina has won numerous distinctions, the most notable of which are: Highest Distinction from the International Children's Drawing Contest "World Peace 2022", Bangladesh; Creative Diamond Artist (FIRST place) from the International Children's Drawing Contest Creative Brilliance 2021, Picasso Art Contest, India; LAUREATE in the TOP 10 of the most talented child artists in Bulgaria, who participated in the International Children's Creativity Contest International Painter Award, organized in 2021 by Charumela Art School, Bangladesh, and many others.

Nikola Katsarski, 5th grade, "Panayot Pipkov" National School of Arts, Pleven, also receives a monetary reward for outstanding achievements in the field of visual arts. For 2021/2022 Nikola has many awards, the most important of which are: highest distinction from the international children's drawing contest "World Peace 2022", Bangladesh; Creative Gold Artist (SECOND PLACE) at the International Children's Drawing Competition Creative Brilliance 2021, Picasso Art Contest in India; Top 10 award of the most talented Bulgarian child artists who participated in the International Painting Awards organized by Charumela Art School, Bangladesh in 2021, etc.

Iveta Pophristova, 7th grade, "Vicho Grncharov" High School, Gorna Oryahovitsa, receives a monetary award for talented children who have achieved particular success in the field of musical art. The most significant achievements of Iveta for the academic year 2021/2022 are: International competition Ukraine "My dream world 2021" - 1st place; International online competition E-Fest-I place and prize from Elitsa Todorova; BNR-1st place in "Young Folklore Talents" / upcoming participation in BNR/ and others.

Radoslav Karaulanov, 4th grade, "Dobri Chintulov" Primary School, Varna, won a cash prize for talented children who have achieved special success in the field of literary creativity. For the academic year 2021/2022, Radoslav has won many awards, the most significant of which are: a special award from the XVIII International Competition for Poetry and Theater "Castello di Duino" - Trieste, Italy; special award from the XV National "Mockingbirds" competition, etc.

Demira Nedeva, 9th grade, "Acad. Kiril Popov" School of mathematics, Plovdiv, receives a monetary award for talented children who have achieved special success in the field of mathematics. For the academic year 2021/2022, Demira has won many awards, the most significant of which are: - Silver medal of the IGO (Iranian Geometry Olympiad); - Third prize from the European Mathematical Cup international competition; - Diploma for the top 10 in the world in the field of Number Theory at the PUMaC (Princeton University Mathematics Competition) international competition, etc. Demira's prize money is provided by the Inner Wheel Club Burgas.

"The successes of Bulgarian children deserve special attention because, in addition to talent, they are also due to a lot of work and effort put in during the year. By awarding individual awards, we strive to encourage and support Bulgaria's young talents. We want to make them proud of their achievements and to single out their success in a given area as a victory deserving of special attention. Our goal is to stimulate not only work on talent, but also its manifestation. Therefore, the Project "Awards, Scholarships and Distinctions" rewards not only the talented, but also the performing children, those who, in addition to perfecting their talents, prove them in competitions with others. Talent, work, performances, achievements and persistence are our main evaluation criteria!", commented Liliana Slavova, chairwoman of the "Chance for the children and the nature of Bulgaria".