Spring workshop in arts

A literary evening, Workshop in Arts, Plovdiv 2016

Traditionally in April The Center for young talents held its spring workshop of Fine Arts on the topic Beauty of Bulgaria. This year it was attended by the elder talents from the groups in graphics, painting and interior design of the art teacher Tanya Stoyanova.

Children were able to personally experience the magic of the old Plovdiv and the cult district Kapana, to experience the beauty and goodness that stream from cultural and historical scene of one of the oldest cities in Europe. By drawing from observation of prospective changes in the architecture and natural environment and display snapshots same landscape at different times of the day our young artists were able to improve their skills and techniques in drawing and to realize the importance of light in nature for color and chiaroscuro building drawing. Even walking is combined successfully with the task: everyone to collect in sketches and photographs his or her own database that will recreate alone in the composition depicting the unique architecture, color and scent of Spring in Plovdiv.
Enriching of horizons and knowledge of children is amplified by the wonderful creative meetings with two of the most prominent artists of the city, whose work and activity are known to the wider cultural audience in our country and beyond - the artist Atanas Hranov and the playwright - Alexander Sekulov. Discussing the latest exhibition of vanguard Atanas Hranov The kettles of Balthazar sparked a lively debate about the style of magic realism, as he himself defines it, for beauty as a form of resistance against the ugliness and indifference to the dreams of the artist for choosing us to try to look at the world from the point of beauty and many other matters which children discussed with both artists. In the cultural theme of the program was included also the emotional empathy in presenting the new collection of poems of Axenia Mihailova - "Changing mirrors" an exceptional Bulgarian, winner of the highest award for poetry in France - Award "Guillaume Apollinaire" 2014, which for the first time in its 73-year history is awarded to Bulgarian poet.

In May - the month of talent we expect the result of impressions, emotions and experiences - an exhibition of talents in our CYT, Bourgas.
Here a part of the essay by our talent Nelly Maneva inspired by the workshop:

A city of nirvana:

Plovdiv is a city of feelings. Its managed to steal any single one I've ever felt! And how rarely it happens to me to feel just beauty. Food, people, buildings and nature shout: Come and feel me! I touched most, which was the main purpose of my trip there. Glad I reach it.
Kapana and Old Town combine perfectly, somehow remind me of the different sides of my character modern vision, which still does not forget where it all started.

The evening in the bar Petnoto was a completion of the whole idyll. I needed it to confess. It happened to be a very interesting, emotional and beautiful literary evening. As if all of us went back slightly wiser, with slightly open eyes to the world.
And of course glad that I shared these days with such wonderful people, maybe the right company for a place like Plovdiv!