We have awarded the winners at the 3-rd National Literary Contest

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Center for Young Talens turned 5 years

Traditionally, on the eve of the ever bright Christmas holiday The Center for Young Talents in Burgas (created by the idea and with the support of the Chance for Children Bulgaria foundation) celebrates the anniversary of its opening. On this day children's talents and the team of the center summarize the way up to now and mark the reached point in their job. They reward the finalists of the National Literature Competition Foundation, designed to stimulate the development of young talented artists.

This year the organization of the event was made by the project participants at Applied Creative Writing essays project, who were leading the celebration. The celebration was dedicated to a great talent, great Bulgarian, dream seller, poet, playwright, screenwriter Valeri Petrov one of those Bulgarian talents who are an inspiration for young and old. The new addition of artistic talents to theater studio Little Prince, headed by the Burgas director Rumen Velev, prepared and presented with incredible performance For the waltz, autumn and winter, by Valeri Petrov.

The event continued with the awarding of the finalists of the 3-rd National Literary contest And children conquer worlds! Show that you can. The works of 47 contestants were evaluated by a jury chaired by the poet Lyubov Dzhungurova, members Elka Vasileva - journalist, writer, member of the Board of writers in Burgas, Kostadinka Nedyalkova - teacher of Bulgarian language and literature, Diana Savateva - journalist, Dimka Tashkova - writer, Sonia Georgieva - manager of a media agency. Lyubov Dzhungurova made a detailed analysis of the competition, the presentation of candidates from 24 towns and two villages from all over Bulgaria.

The jury ranked first Christina Kirova from Burgas, second Maria Andreeva, also from Burgas and third Alexandrina Naydenova from Kriva bara, Montana.

At the end the children's vocal group Seahorses excited all attendants with the performance of Christmas carols. All guests were invited to participate in the Christmas Happening creativity and charity bazaar in support of the Arton Bulgaria Foundation that helps children with cancer through art, helps also children from Home for children with special needs - Faith, Hope and Love.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Center Liliana Slavova, Chairman of the Chance for Children of Bulgaria foundation said: We are particularly happy and proud that Center for young talents only organization in Bulgaria that this year became the European Centre of talent, an integral part of the big European family of the two major organizations for work with gifted children. This for us is discovering new horizons and opportunities for improvement and performance. We are obliged to compare to the best in the area, to be consistent and responsible in order to meet the high requirements. Everything depends on us! As it was wonderfully told by American writer and director David Lynch: Talent is like salt of the earth, you can find it everywhere, but the most important is hard work to develop and prove it. A great honor for us and a recognition of achievements is that after our nomination, three students and laureates of the Foundation were accepted as members of the European Youth Platform - Danny Karaivanova (Arts), Dimitar Oparlakov (mathematics and physics), Christian Todorov (music). We wish all blessed holidays and promise to continue to support and develop young talents of our country.