Laureates of the Center for Young Talents with certificates from a European software company

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The young IT talents from the Center for Young Talents participated for a consecutive year of the internship program organized by the European software company Bulpro.

Here we share the impressions of the event of our talent Veselin Karaganev: "We, the participants from the project Introduction to Java Programming and Programming with C # and Applications at the Center for Young Talents in Bourgas, were pleased to be on a one-week practice for the period from 10.04 to 14.04.2017 in one of the leading and fastest growing software companies in Bulgaria - Bulpros Consulting AD, Sofia.

The organization in Sofia was done by Elena Stefanova, HR Manager at the company, which was very close to us throughout our stay. On the first day, the two teams went to the corresponding buildings in Business Park Sofia. We became acquainted with our mentors, and for the participants in the "Introduction to Java Programming" project, these were Marina, Ivan, Nicholas, and the participants in "Programming with C #" - Emilian and Ivan. They presented to us the projects we had to develop and the technologies we could use to implement them, all of them happily answering our questions. They told us how their days are going on in the company and what really is their job. They were extremely committed and enthusiastic to work with us and to help us improve our knowledge and skills.

The Java Introduction to Java Programming project was defined as Android application that implements real-time communication via audio messaging. The set of technologies we used was limited to Java, SQLite, Android Studio and Git. After reviewing the assignment, we split into 2 teams. The first one was responsible for the implementation of the application, and the latter had the task of building the server part of the project, the main purpose of which was to receive, process and send the audio recordings. Mentors gave us directions on our work, explained the main problems we had to work on and work started. In the course of the work, we not only expanded our knowledge and learned new ones, but also managed to entertain ourselves. We have learned what really lies behind the concept of teamwork and how to work together for the common goal. Especially valuable for both teams was the opportunity to work with an architect. This is extremely close to real day-to-day work in a company. Mentors responded to each of our questions and helped us all the time. The project of our second group was the development of a console game that involved developing a kind of artificial intelligence.

On the last day of our practice the presentation of the projects took place, which was successfully implemented by both teams. This brought us joy and satisfaction, and the experience would serve as an inspiration for future projects."

The participants in the program received certificates for the successfully passed training program and returned loaded with many ideas and enthusiasm for work. We thank Bulpros for cooperation and professionalism.