Campaign "Chance for the talent of Burgas" is looking for talented young people for free training in various fields of science and art

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Burgas is a city that gave birth to many talents and left a golden mark in our country literature, theater, cinema, music and fine arts. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation sets itself the noble task of supporting the new talents of the city by announcing a campaign for the discovery and development of talented young people in the field of science, technology and art. The campaign is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Burgas and the media partnership of Darik Radio Burgas. The finalists (32 young people) will be provided with free year-round training in the only European certified center for work with talents Center for Young Talents, Burgas, in the following areas: theater, creative writing, Bulgarian language and literature, fine and applied arts, fashion design, informatics and new technologies, ecology, leadership and project management. The campaign is aimed at all young people from Burgas and the region aged 14 to 20.

"We are happy that for ten years now we have the opportunity to develop the gifts of Burgas children and to upgrade their knowledge through innovative teaching methods. Our team consists of exceptional professionals with many years of work experience and many personal achievements and excellent students. It is important to note that the advanced creative projects in education that we offer do not duplicate the classes studied in the educational curriculum, but upgrade the knowledge. With the campaign "Chance for the talent of Burgas" we aim not only to find, finance the training and help the development of talented young people, but also strive for successful partnership and cooperation with all schools in the city and the region. We are extremely grateful to the Municipality of Burgas for supporting our idea, accepting our invitation for partnership and will cover the free year-round training of two of the finalists" commented Liliana Slavova, President of the Foundation, founder of the Center for Young Talents, Burgas.

A press conference of the Chance for Children and Nature of Burgas Foundation, Burgas Municipality and Darik Radio Burgas on the topic will take place on September 17, 2021 at 10:30 am in the hall of the Center for Young Talents, 4 Atanas Sirekov Square "A chance for the talent of Burgas". The event will present the campaign to the Burgas media and the public.

The necessary documents for participation in the campaign are published HERE, and the deadline for accepting applications is September 30, 2021. The documents are accepted by email:, as well as at: Burgas, 4 Atanas Sirekov Square (against the Municipality of Burgas), 1st floor, room 5 until 30.09.2021. For detailed information you can call: 0887 201033 and 0882 723760.