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Anastasia Velkova-Jekova

 Anastasia Velkova-Jekova
Anastasia Velkova-Jekova works and lives in Bourgas. She has a master’s degree in German studies and has specialized stylistics in Potsdam, Germany. She is a coauthor of a textbook about the stylistics of the modern German language in the part “Textual typological research of official language”. She graduated from German language school “Goethe” in Bourgas and has been a major teacher in German language and literature in the same school for 37 years. She has a teacher’s certificate to conduct exams for the language diploma (Sprachdiplom) and rich experience in educational work and many insignia of honour such as: badge “Outstanding” from the Ministry of Education; Diploma and prize from St Cyril and St Methodius International Foundation for outstanding achievements in German language teaching. Loved and respected by students and colleagues. Some of her students who have achieved excellent results at the exams for language diploma have received scholarships for studying in Germany or have reached first places at language competitions and Olympiads. She is an initiator of many ideas connected with the popularization of the German language and has explicit interest in literature, music, theater. She’s been the producer of many unforgettable theatrical school plays. At present she works on a creative project about the unity of language and profession for the “Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation.

Vanya Jeleva

 Vanya Jeleva

Vanya Jeleva lives and works in Bourgas. She has a master’s degree in Bulgarian language and literature and First Qualification Degree. She is a teacher in the German Language School “Goethe” in Bourgas and has 31-year practice teaching. Loved and respected by her students. She works with them using non-standard methods. An open-minded person with various interests. She has many awards and prizes such as diplomas for excellent results in educational process at school and municipal level; diplomas for successful performance of her students at literature Olympiads and competitions; diplomas for excellent performance at the traditional National conference “The European Dimensions of the Bulgarian literature” and others. She took part in a 2-year project of the Ministry of Education on work with talented students. She has explicit interest in fiction, publicism, music and theater. Elin Rahnev’s “Route Taxi”, Kamen Donev’s “A Day off”, Soyfer’s "Journey to Paradise" produced by her are very well known and remembered by the Bourgas audience while for her students they are unforgettable parties. She has won 1st place at “Theatrical festivals of youth culture”. At present she works on a creative project “The Language of Young Bulgarians” for the  “Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation.

Maria Karavasileva

 Maria Karavasileva

Maria Karavasileva lives and works in Bourgas. She graduated from the Musical Academy, major “Musical pedagogy”. She has a second class qualification; a teacher in music in the German Language School “Goethe” in Bourgas and has 31 years of experience in her field. She has worked as an inspector-methodist of teachers in music and amateur formations in Bourgas and the region. She has versatile skills and interests – she can play the violin and the piano, she is a choir-master, an author of a music manual “Let’s learn and sing” and different presentations in the field of music. She has organized and directed many concerts and shows and has CDs and DVDs released with songs and excerpts from musicals. The shows “Cats”, “Hair”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Sister Act”, “Fame”, “Mamma Mia” are well remembered by the audience in Bourgas and are unforgettable for her students whose talents she discovered and encouraged.
It is not possible to describe her numerous achievements and prizes in the field of music. She is a favorite teacher who works with the young talents with all her heart. A gifted specialist who knows how to achieve excellent results in her work and has been awarded many times with diplomas and insignia of honor by the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Bourgas; winner of gold and silver medals in amateur art festivals. She has participated together with her students in national and international festivals and tours in Turkey, Russia, Macedonia, Germany, Slovakia, Romania and others. She has helped many of her students to discover their talent and to take the difficult road of music and stage art. At present she works on a creative project for the creation of a music ensemble and a rock band for the “Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation.

Tania Stoyanova

Tania Stoyanova

Tanya Stoyanova lives and works in Bourgas. She has a master’s degree in fine arts, major „Pedagogy of fine arts”, a senior teacher with a second class qualification. She is a teacher in „Sts Cyril and Methodius” Humanitarian High School. She has 27 years of pedagogical experience in this field. She loves children and has the ability to communicate and work with them and has a marked interest in children’s fine art work. She has rich experience in working with young talents. Through her individual approach and non-standard methods she achieves excellent results. She has numerous participations and awards at art competitions at international, national and municipal level, some of the latest are: National competition „St. Trifon Zarezan”, Sungurlare – two medalists, Municipal competition „Bourgas Spring” – second place, competition „Car of the future”- first and second place, international competition „Cube – far and near” – first, second and third place – first age group and others.
At present she works with young talents aged 6 to 16 over a creative project in painting and engraving for „Chance for the Children of Bulgaria” Foundation.Replace this text with yours


Vesela Vangelova

Vesela Vangelova

She has a master’s degree in mathematics and 21 year of experience. A senior teacher in informatics, IT and mathematics.
Currently she is a teacher in Informatics and Information technologies in the “Acad. Nikola Obreshkov” Mathematic High School. She worked as a mathematics teacher, IT specialist and a computer room supervisor. She delivers results with her students – at competitions (5th place at the “Chernorizets Hrabar 2012” IT competition, an excellent performance by one of her students at “Znaiko 2012”), Olympiads – regional and state awards, at team competitions and winter mathematics festivals – awards. Her students we accepted without an entrance exam at the Mathematics High school with highest grades. Highly moral and tolerant colleague, loved by her students, ambitious and excellent professional Mrs. Vangelova shows a certain interest to a creative work with talented kids and young people. With the development of the module project “Website building, web design, computer graphics and animation” at the “Chance for the children of Bulgaria” foundation” – Center for young talents – Burgas, she was given the chance to prove in practice her ideas, associated with the new technologies and their role for improving and perfection of the skills of young people.


Milena Georgieva

Milena Georgieva

Lives and works in Burgas. Bachelor in Informatics and Computer Science, Master in Software Engineering, PhD in Big data and Data science.

Mrs. Georgieva is an excellent professional in the field of informatics and programming with extensive experience and achievements in this field. Fluent in four foreign languages - English, German, French and Dutch. She has worked as a Web programmer, database programmer in Geokomp Ltd. and as an IT manager in Emerald Hospitality.

Has a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script, JSP, Servlet, SQL, Access, Oracle, Apache server, LAN, TCP / IP, etc.

Last academic year she was the leader of the project "Design in visual environment - Visual C ++" at the Center for young talents. She is capable of working in a team with talented children and achieve success.

Intelligent, demanding, responsible, with a pedagogical approach and unconventional methods and means she manages to infatuated young people to awaken and stimulate interest in new technologies and inspire them to stand out. Cleverly, with personal example fascinates them to implement their own creative works. With her participation the Center for Informatics and Computer Science of BSU and the "Chance for Children of Bulgaria" was organized the first regional Olympiad in Informatics and Computer Science in Burgas.

Since the beginning of October 2015 Mrs. Georgieva began work on a new project in information technology "Introduction to Programming with Java" at the Center for Young Talents, Burgas.


Rumen Velev

Rumen Tsvetanov Velev

Lives and works in Burgas. He graduated in "Krastyo Sarafov" NATFA with a Master’s degree  in "Directing" and "Acting" at Nikolai Lyutskanov’s class with assistant Margarita Mladenova. With more than 30 years of professional experience, Mr. Velev has devoted a large part of the experience and ambition to working with talented children and young people and has achieved many successes. He has worked as a director in "Adriana Budevska" Drama Theatre, as a guest director at theaters in Stara Zagora, Pleven, Varna, Rousse, Plovdiv and others and as freelance director. He has more than 70 dramatic plays and musicals. Especially active in theater with children and youth groups, with whom he won from 2008 to present multiple prizes, international awards at festivals and competitions. Winner of many national and Balkan awards including: a spectacle "God" by Woody Allen (2010) - 21 general and individual awards from three international youth festivals, for "Fly in a drum" and "Tale of the road" (2013) - 10 first individual and joint awards from three festivals in Burgas, Varna and Albena. In 2014, the play "We the Sparrows" won the special prize for "brilliant ensemble cast," and the award for "Direction" is awarded to Rumen Velev. In 2015 "Love is known - till death it lasts" won the first prize of the festival "Bourgas sunrises" and the award for artistic team. In 2016, the performance of Rumen Velev "Incredible Story" wins again only first and special prizes. Eight years Rumen Velev’s theater school successfully achieves national and international recognition.

Erudite, intelligent, charismatic teacher, ethical and respected colleague, Mr Velev enjoys the love of his students and manages to lead them expertise and competence on the road to success. The results achieved in working with young talents are one of the reasons to be invited to make an original children's theatrical in academic 2016/2017 on texts by Valeri Petrov at the Center for young talents, Bourgas - "Chance for Children of Bulgaria" Foundation.


Martina Chachevska

Martina Chachevska

Martina Chachevska is a Master of Music Pedagogy, director and screenwriter at National TV "SKAT" with 17 years of professional experience in creating documentary, advertising and touristic films, folklore and video clips. She graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv. She has worked for 5 years as a music teacher at “G. Rakovski” High School - Bourgas and 1 year at "N. Obreshkov" School of Mathematics - Burgas. When she enrolled in TV "SCAT" she graduated a professional TV course at Promedia - Sofia. For 2 years he has been the lead of the "Zalivi" cultural program and the Sofia-based Film Fest "On the Beach". She has been a member of the jury at the Amateur Cinema Festival - Popovo for many years. For 7 years, she directed her own musical-artistic formation "Sincreto" with about 40 young people aged 13-20. With them she performs on the stages in Burgas and the region and for 2 years she has ran on TV "SKAT" the youth program "9 ball". She has been working with youths throughout her entire television practice. Includes them as statisticians, actors and dancers in folklore videos that are constantly broadcast in the media program.
As a screenwriter and director, Martina Chachevska takes part in the creation of films and commercial clips on European projects at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Municipality of Burgas, Institute of Oceanology BAS, Municipality of Nedelino. She has been involved with video editing for 12 years and has installed all her films and videos on her own. Works with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.
Award-winning movies and series:
- Kolyo ... That's it. - Documentary of 5 series for the great Bulgarian writer Nikolay Haytov - Special prize at the "Bulgarian Europe" festival - Rousse 2004, First Prize at “The 8th Muse” Media Festival - National Palace of Culture Sofia 2005;
"Kaleevi's Way" - a film about the tragic fate of a goryanin and his family in the middle of the last century - Award for SKAT TV from "Bulgarian Europe" - Rousse 2007;
"July - 2008" - a film about the unique Bulgarian celebration "July Morning", dedicated to a song - Distinction of the "Bulgarian Europe" festival - Rousse 2008;
"John Lawton presents ..." tourist film - 20 series for popularizing the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria in the world - First prize from the "East Coast" festival - 2011;
"The Strange Village of Kirovo" - a joint film with the poet Nedyalko Yordanov about the disappearing villages in Strandzha - Special prize from the "Bulgarian Europe" festival - Rousse 2014;

We are delighted that Mrs. Chachevska has expressed a desire to work with talented children and young people at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas at the Chance for the Children of Bulgaria Foundation and to prepare and implement "TV Media Class" media project in June 2017.


Hristina Georgieva

Hristina Georgieva

Hristina Georgieva is a young and ambitious lecturer who is constantly working on her professional career by participating in various projects and qualification courses. After completing her higher education she has graduated with two majors - Contemporary Linguistics and Pre-school and Primary Pedagogy. She has a special interest in teaching pre-school children and elementary school students - that’s where she has focused her creative quests. She got a Montessori certificate and applied it successfully to her work with small students. She took part in the First Pedagogic Creative Festival "The Educational Environment - Space for Creative Solutions" where she won 1st place. She successfully integrates modern methods and tools into her teaching activities. She is qualified in new technologies for preschool and elementary school by using a software suite of multimedia situations and working with an interactive board. She has a positive experience in implementing the model of a mixed group for social and educational integration of children of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. She has specialized in the training of developing multimedia visual aids and animated presentations. She works not only for the overall development of children's skills, but also pays special attention to logical thinking and emotional competence. She loves and knows how to establish a contact with children and win them for different causes.
She is an ethical, intelligent, responsible and responsive colleague who can work in a team. She likes the challenges. Ms. Georgieva works with CYT with talented children from the 1st and 2nd grade in mathematics and with her own author's project in entertaining mathematics at the club "I know it all". Through the her creative studio "Multi-Person" she sets her ambitious task in an accessible and fascinating way to reveal to children the beauty and creativity of mathematics.


Maria Taneva

Maria Taneva

Maria Taneva is a creative and energetic fashion designer. She graduated from a professional high school with an artistic profile, received the professional qualification "Designer-modeler" and higher education with a degree in economics. In 2000 she created her own company for the production and repair of women's clothing in Burgas. From there her success in the world of fashion and management began. In 2006 she founded the fashion house "Emozione", she is among the founders of the association "Black Sea Association of Burgas Designers", manages and is co-owner of a shop for formal clothing and sewing workshop. Since 2001 she has been involved in various fashion competitions and shows. She is a winner of many awards, among which only in the last years from 2015 to 2017 are: Best Graduation Collection 2015; Best Innovator in Fashion for 2016 and Best Designer for 2017.
She has a tremendous desire to work with young people and to prepare them for design colleges and universities, to help them organize fashion events, participate in design contests and competitions, etc. With us she is working on a module project in design, personal styling and image “Debut”. With her help, young debutants will be able to get to know from the kitchen the best in creating fashion and to develop many practical skills for making clothes and accessories, to get an idea about Bulgarian designers and their work and their presentation abroad and at home, to follow the latest trends in the world of fashion, personal styling and image and to prepare an author's review on a chosen theme for the talent holiday in May 2018.


Mirenda Gwin

Mirenda Gwin

Mirenda Gwin was born in Virginia, USA and is in Bulgaria since September 2017 as cultural ambassador and Fulbright lecturer. Young, experienced and enthusiastic lecturer and writer.
Mirenda graduated in 2015 from her University of Virginia - Charlottesville, with honors and numerous awards. Her major is “History and Media”. Here are the most significant ones: Highest Distinction in the History Distinguished Majors Program and Bernard Peyton Chamberlain Memorial Prize for the best thesis Department of Media Studies; Academic Achievement Award;
Echols Scholar: academic accolade achieved by 8% of students
; Kelly O'Hara Scholarship Recipient;
 Robert M. Burgess Memorial Scholarship Recipient; Sky Alland Scholarship Finalist; 2014 Summer Ethics Internship Grant; Raven Society, academic honor society: 2014 member of executive board.
She accumulated her professional experience in many organizations - schools, academies, universities, non-governmental organizations, working in many places as a volunteer. She taught English, history, literature, organized children's camps and many others.
We are happy that Miss Gwin accepted our invitation and in 2017, will work on our English projects for our youngest talents. Since October she has begun her work in the Center for Young Talents with the project for beginners "My First English Adventures" for children aged 6 to 9 under the Cambridge Association programs.


Vili Koleva

Vili Koleva

She lives and works in Burgas. She graduated from the Secondary Art School "Dimitar Dobrovich", Sliven, specializing in artistic textiles, bachelor in Librarianship and bibliography, Master degree in Media Information and Advertising.
Since 1999 Ms Koleva has been a teacher and an art pedagogue at the Arts and Crafts Workshop at Prosveta 1927, Burgas. She has worked as a gallery artist at De 'Art Children's Gallery and head of Children's Department at the Peyo Yavorov Regional Library. Her focus is mainly on the development of children's creative activity. Organizer, jury member and participant in various art forms for children - competitions, festivals, plenaries. Organizer of the Bourgas participation in the World Painting Day from 2012 to 2017 inclusive. Illustrator of 7 books with children's and youth creativity - "Green Time" with children's poems and drawings; poetic anthology "Sand lilies" and a poetry collection "Partial sunset between the fingers"; a collection of children's literary works "The Peacocks Kingdom" and the debut poetry books of Stoyan Todorov "Slashing", Ekaterina Dikova "The Stars are Thirsty" and Kalina Koleva "Ticket to the Summer".
Her graduates are winners of prestigious awards from national competitions - "Little Natives" and "Kazanlak Rose" Kazanlak, Trifon Zarezan Sungurlare, "I Love You, Sea!" Varna, International Children's Festival "Young Talents" Sofia and many others as well as plenaries, showings at Children's Apolonia Sozopol, Children's Drawing Biennial in Trastenik, Children's Book Festival in Sliven; Participants are also involved in various social, cultural, environmental and educational projects as well as in many city events - workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. As a gallery artist Mrs. Koleva organized the first solo exhibition - painting of our prominent talent and the winner of the Grand Prize of the Foundation and winner of numerous awards by Danny Karaivanova.
Ms. Koleva has expressed her desire to work with talented children in an art project in Applied Arts "Aesthetics for Children, Decorations and Design". The program includes presentation of various applied and fine arts, animation, design, floristics, assemblage and collage, mosaics, painted silk, stained glass, soft sculpture, installations from recycled materials, preparation and participation in competitions, preparation for application in artistic schools, event decorations, bazaars and creative workshops, and many others.


Galya Milcheva

Galya Milcheva

Galya Milcheva holds a Master's degree with 28 years of pedagogical experience. Excellent professional in primary school pedagogy. Chief Teacher from 2009 to 2014, Senior Teacher from 2014 until now.

A teacher who loves and knows how to work with children and earns them for causes. She applies modern methods and means and achieves high results in the variety of activities related to the curriculum content in the initial course. An ethical, responsible, ambitious and creative colleague she is able to work in a team for the renewal and enrichment of the educational process. She has repeatedly participated in the development of curricula and programs. She participates most actively in activities related to the organization and preparation of exams for assessing the entry and exit levels of knowledge and skills, preparing competitions, contests, entrance examinations, test development, tasks, criteria for assessing knowledge and skills. Since 2010, she has participated in a series of qualification and applied science forums and conferences such as: Scientific Practical Forum on Innovation in Learning and Cognitive Development, Second National Forum “Teachers in Action”, Contemporary Methods and Effective Teaching, Scientific Practical Forum on Innovative Integration Solutions of IT in Education and many others. She has regular publications in pedagogical collections.

It all stands out for her as a leading teacher. She pays special attention to stimulating the development of logical thinking and the emotional competence of adolescents. The successes she has achieved with her students are numerous. Multiple times first places in individual and collective competitions and contests over the last 20 years. Her students, willingly, and confidently, compete in competitions and win easily with prizes, only for the academic year 2016/2017, the students have received more than 100 awards, having 56 first places in "I Know and I Can", "Pythagoras", "IT know it all", "Sofia Mathematical Tournament Ivan Salabashev", "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker", "Chernorizets Hrabar", "I and the Nature", "I and the Numbers", "I Communicate with Europe", "Mathematics without Borders" - final competition - first place individually and third place - team.

These are evidence of purposeful and serious work and ambition to succeed. At our invitation Mrs. Milcheva started work on the project of the Center for Young Talents "Different Mathematics" with children from 3rd and 4th grade. The module project is a second part of the Center's “I know it all” Club program designed to prepare young mathematicians and to reveal the mystery of mathematics.


Rositsa Dimova

Rositsa Dimova

She lives and works in Burgas. Master of English language and Literature. Graduate of the English Language School, Bourgas and Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski". With many years of experience in English language education and excellence with pupils and students. She was consecutively a teacher at Geo Milev English Language School, English Language Teacher at the Center for Culture and Education, Burgas, at Aleko Konstantinov, Assistant Professor at the College of Tourism, Chief assistant professor at Asen Zlatarov University and head of the English and French section of the Department of Foreign Language Education at the same university.

Her publications are: English language tests 1995 and 1999, Destination Bulgaria 2003 and Destination Bulgaria 2007 - guidebooks as well as Bulgaria - knowledge hunt 2013. Participated in the elaboration of English language examinations and in teams for preparation of programs for different types of language courses.

An excellent professional who systematically enhances her qualifications and achieves top performance in her work. Intelligent, ethical, erudite and responsible specialist, she can work in a team that is respected and loved by pupils, students and colleagues. Mrs. Dimova has been willing to work with talented children from CYT Burgas over the Challenges 1 project under the Cambridge Flyers program.


Petya Bahchevanova

Petya Bahchevanova

She lives and works in Burgas. Master - Germanist. Graduate of Goethe High School, Burgas, with 25 years of work experience. Excellent professional. She has worked as a German lecturer at Aleko Konstantinov institute, in the Euroqualification Center, in private language centers - Via Germanika and Bravo and currently in German Language School "Goethe". She worked in a private German company as a guide and translator. She was a senior expert - International Cooperation at the Municipality of Bourgas. She has a literary professional qualification. She has completed psychotherapy training at the Westdeutche Akademie in Lugano, Switzerland. She works systematically on raising her professional qualification - completed German specializations in Leipzig, Berlin, Rostock and Sofia. Erudite, intelligent, responsible and ethical colleague who speaks German, English and Russian and has diverse interests. Loved and respected by her students, she can win them for causes. She has very good teamwork skills and managerial skills, as well as an analytical approach to problem solving and decision making. She has a definite desire to improve the work with smart, ambitious and talented young people by working on a project to specialize in German language by training according to European requirements till 2020 in the Center for Young Talents.


Center for young talents

The major project for the “Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria” Foundation for 2011 is opening a Center for Young Talents in Bourgas. The Center’s lofty aim is to implement creative projects of respected teachers with acclaimed and talented students for supplementing their school education and to invest in advanced tuition and intellectual development in accordance with the European requirements and the students’ personal interests and gifts in all fields of science, technology and art.

more about the Center >


Latest News

Love. Hope. Homesickness. Farewell. Accusation. All these feelings are felt in the new book collection "Letter to Bulgaria from young Bulgarians around the world". The Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation brings together in the book the most sincere and exciting works of 28 talented young authors living abroad. They are participants in the VI literary competition "And children conquer worlds. Show that you can!" on the topic "My letter to Bulgaria".

The book collection "Letter to Bulgaria from the young Bulgarians around the world" is the second in the series about the "voice", the thoughts and feelings of the children towards our homeland. It is a kind of mirror of the feelings and attitudes of young people living outside our country and is an interesting and important comparison of the first book "My letter to Bulgaria", published last year with the works of young Bulgarians living in the homeland.

"The children's stories and essays deeply touched us and brought us hope for the future of Bulgaria. The works of all participants are extremely bright and strong and fully deserve their place in the book," said Liliana Slavova, President of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation.

"This project was interesting because it reflects the mood of young people abroad. The palette is rich - at one hand young people say goodbye to their country, as if forever. And on the other hand the rest promise to do everything possible to return when they can." summed up the famous Bulgarian writer Radoslav Gizgindzhiev, who was also chairman for the second consecutive year of the prestigious competition.

The beautiful cover is again the work of the talented Burgas artists Elena Mazneva and Rostislava Nacheva, graduates of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation and the Center for Young Talents.

Has the permanent residence abroad refracted the prism of their worldview towards their homeland? Is the thread broken between the young people and Bulgaria? Readers will find their answers to these and many more questions in the wonderful works of young authors.

The collection of stories and essays of literary talents can already be purchased online at biblio.bg or in bookstores around the country.

Liliana Slavova is a smiling girl. We associate her with her activity in the Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation, because the organization has many and some very interesting initiatives. One of them is the starting point for this conversation - "Together for a better tomorrow", based on the nice idea that everyone should send to the Foundation their Book of Hope to help our faith in a better morning, and tomorrow, in these troubled times. Lily is the wife of Giovanni, whose story, directly from Italy, we included in our series Chronicle of Troubled Times, which marked the incredible moment with which destiny decided to meet us here and now.

We talk to Lily Slavova-Bruno about various things, because we need her, as well as any other hope:

View Sofia: Tell us about yourself, Lily?
Lily Slavova-Bruno: I don't like to talk much about myself. I believe that a person is what he makes of himself and what he leaves behind. Still, I will introduce myself briefly - I am a film critic and media expert by profession. I graduated in film criticism, theater studies, journalism, German studies and novels in Germany and specialized in film adaptation in the United States. My professional experience has been gained in the big televisions in Germany and in our country. However, the project that changed my life is the realization of a dream of creating a Talent Foundation! Since 2011 I have been the chairman of the Chance for Children and Nature Foundation of Bulgaria Foundation, in the same year we founded in my native Burgas the only Bulgarian European certified Center for work with young talents. I am proud of the development and success of our children, with the first free Literary Club-reading room The Little Prince, which has been stimulating reading in Burgas and the region for three years now, and with the thousands of implemented initiatives and campaigns in support of Bulgarian talents! I am a dreamer and an incorrigible optimist who does not stop believing in the good and fighting the "windmills".

VS: A little more about the Foundation?
L: The idea was born exactly 10 years ago (now I realize how imperceptibly they passed) in an informal conversation between best friends from school years. Growing up during the Transition and graduates of the English Language High School in Burgas, we were forced to scatter all over the world to continue our education and realize ourselves professionally abroad. In 2010, we decided that the time had come to do something for our country and in particular for the country's largest capital, its children. Thus was born the Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria Foundation and shortly afterwards its largest project - the creation of a Center for Young Talents. The driving force, the basis of the philosophy of the Foundation, was the clear awareness of the need to build intellectual potential, providing an opportunity for expression and development of talented and capable young Bulgarians. The main mission of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation, a member of the European Council of High Ability (ECHA) and the Center for Young Talents is to help and support the development of the gifts of Bulgarian children and young people aged 6 to 20, providing them with a chance that depends exclusively on their qualities and skills, hard work and perseverance. We successfully implement and invest in creative initiatives for advanced education and training in all areas of science, technology and art, related to the interests and diverse talents of our children.

VS: What is your Book of Hope?
L: My Book of Hope is brand new and even more dear to me because it is OURS, as it has collected the stories and essays of 28 talented children, young authors living around the world. Love. Hope. Nostalgia ... All these feelings and emotions are felt in our new book - "Letter to Bulgaria from young Bulgarians around the world". It contains the most sincere and exciting works of the participants in the VI-th literary competition "And children conquer worlds. Show that you can!" on the topic "My letter to Bulgaria", organized by our Foundation. The book collection "Letter to Bulgaria from young Bulgarians around the world" is the second in a series and is a kind of mirror of the feelings and attitudes of young people living outside our country, an interesting and important comparison with the first book "My letter to Bulgaria" published last year with the works of all young Bulgarians living in the homeland. Working on the book, in addition to pleasure, brought me a lot of optimism about the future in this difficult time for all of us.

VS: And the other 5 favorites?
L: I read a lot and find it difficult to list specific titles, but I will share some of my favorite books forever: The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, Pan by Knut Hamsun, Perfume by Patrick Suskind, Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, and many others.

VS: How can we help children at this time - do not play outside, do not go to school, parents are anxious - how to save these wonderful creatures, how to make the blow less painful for them?
From the very beginning of the state of emergency, the most important thing for us was not to panic, but on the other hand to be responsible and keep the children healthy. Our team came together and very quickly developed distance learning programs. Along with training, we try to stimulate creativity in children and teach them endurance and patience! During these months at a social distance we try to be even more active and offer a variety of new and alternative activities. We have created a campaign to fight the virus with art entitled "Together for a better tomorrow" with various initiatives including: a virtual exhibition under the same title, "Box of dreams and desires" for all of us longing for life after the pandemic, design and sewing on original protective masks from our talents in Debut project for Fashion Design at the Center, we recorded two songs about HOPE with our vocal group "Sea Blue" and our folk group "Zelenika". We give BEAUTY and HOPE and we do not lose our optimism, in our opinion this is the most important thing at the moment.

VS: When and how does the campaign end?
Our latest initiative from the campaign against the pandemic through art Together for a Better Tomorrow was announced on the occasion of World Book Day. Together with our Literary Reading Club, we called on all Bulgarians to share which book gave them hope and optimism during the state of emergency, by sending us their photo with it. We are aware of the great importance of books in the life of mankind, especially in difficult times such as those of a global pandemic. We know that books are not only a faithful friend, but also manage to inspire courage, faith and optimism. With the virtual event we want not only to give hope through literature, but also to once again stimulate reading... which we cannot do without. We are very happy that so far the initiative has received an exceptional response and dozens of Bulgarians have already joined it. I would also like to thank all of our favorite Bulgarian writers, poets, actors, singers, journalists, TV producers, athletes for responding to our invitation and supporting us with desire and enthusiasm. And you will find out who they are after May 11, 2020, when the campaign is over.

VS: Whats coming next?
Our most important annual project to support the development of talent, the "Awards, Scholarships and Prizes" program, is forthcoming. The aim is to support the training and performances of talented children and young people in the field of science and humanities, art and new technologies. The success of Bulgarian children deserves special attention, in addition to talent, they are due to many efforts. By awarding individual prizes, we want to make the young talents of Bulgaria proud of their achievements and to highlight their success in a given field as a victory that deserves special attention. Unfortunately, for the first time, the Foundation's Awards will not be held live. We are also about to officially present our new book "Letter to Bulgaria from young Bulgarians around the world", which will also take place online but with the hope and stipulation that in the late autumn of 2020 we will be able to present the book at a special event for readers in our Literary Club-Reading Room "The Little Prince".

VS: We had the pleasure of talking remotely with your husband, Giovanni Bruno, weeks ago. How are things in Italy at the moment? Will you hug soon? What will you whisper to him first?
The sun is shining in beautiful Italy, summer is approaching and people are already smiling. Although with countless restrictions, life goes on, people return to work and hope for more good news. Unfortunately, there are still no flights and travel from one province to another is prohibited, so our meeting remains a daydream. Thanks to new technologies we are in constant video connection, I think that seeing all the words will be superfluous and the hug and kiss will be much more not only for the two of us, but also for all who are separated and long to touch relatives and friends! May we learn to appreciate the small but valuable things more and to capture the moments of happiness with all our senses!

Source: View of Sofia

After the end of the successful initiatives for sending drawings on the subject "Everything will be fine" and the magical "Box of dreams and desires", which brought together the deepest longings of children and adults for life after covid-19, the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation and the Center for Young Talents continue their campaign "Together for a better TOMORROW" with a new positive challenge.

On the occasion of World Book Day, the Little Prince Literary Reading Club and the Center for Young Talents call on everyone to share the book that gave them hope and optimism during the pandemic.

"We are aware of the great importance of books in human life, especially in difficult times like those of a global pandemic. We know that books are not only a faithful friend, but also manage to inspire courage, faith and optimism. With this yet another initiative we want not only to give hope through literature, but also to stimulate reading again ... which we cant do without. ", shares Liliana Slavova, President of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation.

The organizers invite everyone without age restrictions to join by sending a photo of them with the book, which has positively affected them during the state of emergency, in a personal message to the Facebook page of the Center for Young Talents, Burgas: https: // www. facebook.com/talantbgkids/ or as an attachment to info@forbgkids.org no later than 11.05.2020.

"There is no book from which one cannot learn anything."

Today we are talking with Liliana Slavova - President of the Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation and the Center for Young Talents. And to get a deeper insight into what she does, we'll tell you a little more about her.

Liliana Slavova is a film critic and media expert by profession, television producer and program director with international experience. She graduated in film criticism, theater studies, journalism, German studies and novel studies in Germany, and speaks five languages. She returned to Bulgaria in 2005 and started working at BTV. This is just a short part of the beginning of Lily's professional biography, as all her close friends and colleagues call her. However, the project that changed her life was the realization of a talent foundation dream! As a co-founder and chairman of the Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation, Lily created in her hometown of Burgas the only Bulgarian European certified Center for Work with Young Talents. She is proud of the first free Literary Club-Reading Room "The Little Prince", which has been stimulating reading in Burgas for three years now, with the premiere of the film about Burgas talents based on her idea - "Stories of Chance and Talent", with the prestigious National Literary Competition, as well as with the establishment of the first for Burgas and the region Mathematical Tournament for preschool children. With the books "My Letter to Bulgaria" by Bulgarian talented children and with the numerous achievements of the Bulgarian hopes the talented children, part of the Foundation and the Center. Dreamer and benefactor, incorrigible optimist, believer in the good.

When was your center founded?

Center for young talents in the city of Burgas, opened in 2011 as a pilot project of the Foundation "Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria". The main mission of the Foundation and the Center is to help and support the talent of Bulgarian children. After a very serious procedure in 2016, the talent center was approved and accepted by ECHA (European Council for High Ability) and thus became an officially certified European Talent Center. We are the first Bulgarian organization among 47 other countries, accepted in the prestigious ECHA - the European non-governmental organization, which has been working for 32 years in the field of talent development and is the most important in this field. We achieved it with our history, with the achievements of our talents and with a lot of work!

How do you contribute to the development of children's talents during the state of emergency?

We are in a very difficult period and at the moment the most important thing is that we are all responsible and stay healthy! As soon as the state of emergency was declared on March 13, our team came together and developed distance learning programs for our children. Along with training, we try to stimulate creativity in children and teach them endurance and patience! We are proud to create the campaign for the fight against the virus with art: Young talents give hope "Together for a better morning", this includes various initiatives of young talents from all over Bulgaria, including: a virtual exhibition under the same title, "Box of dreams and desires" for the longings of all of us for life after the pandemic, sewing original protective masks from our talents in the fashion design project "Debut" at the Center, we recorded two songs about HOPE with our vocal group "Sea Blue" and our folk group "Zelenika" . We give BEAUTY and HOPE and we do not lose our optimism!

What talents have you had so far at your center?

For these nine years we can call ourselves lucky, because some of us are children with talents from all fields of art and science with world-renowned successes musicians, artists, singers, artists, mathematicians, young writers, computer scientists, physicists, astronomers, chess players and many others.

Do you think that the situation we are in will have a negative impact on all talented children?

No, I don't think the "virus" can affect TALENT. On the contrary - I believe that difficulties stimulate even more the development of true talent and it will always find a way to develop and express itself!

Do you organize various participations for children?

Yes, all the time. In addition to the events listed above, for years we have been organizing many prestigious and successful national competitions, regional Olympiads and tournaments, contests and various forums for the manifestation of children's gifts! A few days ago, our National Comic Book Competition on "Bulgaria in the World" ended, and now our most important annual project to support the development of talent, the "Scholarships, Awards and Prizes 2020" program, is forthcoming. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2020.

Do you think that all people have talent, and that it is just hidden and waiting to be discovered?

Here I will respond with a quote from Stephen King: "Talent is cheaper than salt. The difference between the talented and the successful is in perseverance." I think that the most important thing for a talent is not only to be discovered, but also to be developed, and this is done with a lot of work.

What impact do you think art has on people?

It inspires them, makes them better, makes them think about the really important things in life.

Complete the sentence: "Art makes the world ..."

Art makes the world more beautiful and meaningful!

We are thankful for this interview with Liliana Slavova! We wish her good health and many more dreams to come true, as well as many more newly discovered talents!

Awards and scholarships for gifted Bulgarian children