Module project in English language "English as a key for unlocking development opportunities"

Our newest module project of English "English as a key for unlocking development opportunities" complies with the requirements of the European Framework for advanced and specialized language training. Only for outstanding students from 8th and 9th grade at language schools with advanced study of foreign languages from Bourgas and the region who wish to acquire a second foreign language at school level. It aims to prepare for language levels A2 - C1, which will enable them to acquire their Cambridge FCE and Cambridge Advanced certificates, as an option the students will be prepared for other exams and certificates in English as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., also for the state matriculation exam. This is a foundation’s project and participants receive all necessary materials by the teacher. The curriculum includes advanced training in order to enhance practical skills and application of the English language in various communicative situations and improve creativity skills text writing and is scheduled for two academic years. Training is provided by the latest interactive methods and techniques. It consists of 8 modules. Each language level is carried out in two modules - each one for 40 hours, divided in four hours per week. Training is done in small groups, under excellent conditions, by highly qualified teachers. Before the first level there are an admission test and a brief interview, which do not require a preliminary preparation. A priority will be given to excellent performers on Olympiads, language and interlanguage contests and competitions. Graduates can successfully specialize and improve their skills levels of C1 (Advanced) and C2 (Proficiency) at the module project "Language & Occupation" without taking the exam.

Aims & tasks

  • to develop specifically all the basic skills related to knowledge and use of the foreign language, namely: speaking, reading, listening and writing skills through active use of interactive teaching methods and audiovisual equipment
  • to improve vocabulary through upgrading a new vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms
  • to Improve skills for free use of language in different areas and situations
  • to contribute to the improvement of skills of creative writing and creating original texts
  • to expand language and general knowledge, to improve the value system of the participants
  • To prepare them for successful performance on Olympiads, language and interlanguage contests and competitions, for exams certificates, matriculation and students admission exams or in a chosen professional field
  • Improve skills for free speech and presentation to the audience and camera
  • Е-Enjoy learning
  • N-Never give up
  • G-Go ahead
  • L-Learn a lot
  • I-It will open doors for you
  • S-Study hard to
  • H-Have a better future

Level A2 Pre-Intermediate:
First module: "English Grammar and Vocabulary in Use"
is intended to align the participants' knowledge and develop skills in listening, reading and writing skills by expanding their vocabulary - words and phrases, mostly related to everyday life, it clarifies and exercise grammatical features and structures. With the help of audiovisual resources we are working on improving pronunciation and intonation.

Second Module: "Interesting Reading, Listening and Writing, Easy Speaking and Understanding" continues enriching vocabulary through various exercises on topics such as the environment, family, school, hobby and others, helping them to communicate in written and spoken on these topics. Certificate exam on: Presentation, essay on a topic

Level B1 Intermediate:
Third module: "Improve your English skills"
builds vocabulary and grammar by expanding the subject. The goal is further development of skills in understanding the significant moments of adequate response to questions by text (read or heard on radio, television), as well as improved skills for keeping the conversation or interpretation on a specific topic related to the incident, experience and others. including in written form. Exam on: Dialogue and interpretation on a specific topic.

Fourth module: "Practical skills in the English language" acquaints participants with standard language techniques inherent in international exams in English. Examining task - a test for certification under the international standards for this level.

Level B2 Upper-Intermediate:
Fifth module: "Make further progress in English"
deepens knowledge and language skills for that level. Begins purposeful preparation for the exams of Cambridge - First / Advanced, depending on the needs of the participants. The goal is improvement casual communication (written and spoken) and expanding contacts with people whose mother tongue is English. Participants should learn freely to present and defend their views, to express opinions, to defend their positions. Linguistic techniques are trained with many tests and exercises for understanding, writing and speaking. Examining task: test and debate on a chosen topic.

Sixth module: "Passing Cambridge English exams together" consistently prepares participants for another of the certificate programs of the Association of Cambridge, as they meet requirements based on examination tasks and tests. Examining task - trial examination certificate, consistent with the level B2.

Level C1 Advanced:
Seventh module: "Special interest in international exams"
improves skills to deal with different exams in English by examination tasks and tests in line with developments in language teaching in Europe and the world, prepares for matriculation - 12th grade, deals specifically with the peculiarities of international exams Cambridge Advanced, IELTS, TOEFL and others. Due to the complexity four language skills are trained (listening, speaking, reading, writing) through tests and tasks related to the exam. Examining task: Trial exam certificate level C1.

Eighth module: "Be successful with your English language skills" ends with the provided for the level language training and skills. Based on test tasks, debates, discussions on themes and creative tasks for creating texts prepares students for final certificate exams. Those wishing to learn more about the examination tasks and studying in foreign universities with opportunities to apply for scholarships (motivation letter and an essay, interview, etc.) can further improve their knowledge in an additional module.


Application deadline: 29.02.2016
Start of classes: 10.03.2016

Latest News

The V-th National Literature Contest "And the Children Conquer Worlds. Show That You Can!" 2019 on "My letter to Bulgaria" has ended. In the prestigious competition, organized by the Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation , took place 97 works from over 45 towns and villages in the country.

The prestigious jury with the famous Bulgarian writer Radoslav Gigidgjiev cast the finalists: Ralitsa Georgieva Shykova, 18, from Blagoevgrad, ranked first. The second finalist is Kristina Kostova Kirova at the age of 18 from Bourgas and the honorable third place is Kalin Kalinov Abrashev, 15 years old from Chepelare. The encouraging prize goes to Sofia for Svetislav Georgiev Todorov at age 16.

There are stories and essays from 28 talented young writers from all over Bulgaria, which will be published in a collection of short stories and essays. The youngsters will have the opportunity to participate in the whole process of shaping the book by working with creative mentors and editors from the team at the Book Factory platform.

Here are their names: Monika Chausheva 19 years old from Sofia; Rosen Tsakovski 18 years old from Sofia; Maria Solemova 15 years old from Sofia; Georgi Simeonov 15 years old from the town of Dupnitsa; Nilai Sheriff 15 years old from the town of Kardzhali; Elitsa Kaleva 17 years old from Plovdiv; Lyubomira Dimitrova 17 years old from the town of Svishtov; Nadezhda Georgieva 18 years old from Kardzhali; Gabriela Yordanova 16 years old from Rousse; Stefani Angelova 16 years old from Varna; Vasilena Djambazova 18 years old from the town of Lovech; Simona Yakimova 16 years old from Razgrad; Radina Kirilova 15 years old from Vidin; Yoanna Todorova 16 years old from the town of Aitos; Gabriela Alexandrova 19 years old from the town of Provadia; Galena Zdravkova 18 years old from the town of Kubrat; Vasilena Tsenova 18 years old from the town of Byala Slatina; Valeria Popova 17 years old from the village of Yahinovo, Dupnitsa; Yana Chausheva 16 years old from Smolyan; Rafet Ismailov 18 years old from Shumen; Monika Mincheva 18 years old from Plovdiv; Victoria Hristova 16 years old from Blagoevgrad; Katerina Dobreva 15 years old from Varna; Estella Moskova, 17, from Kardzhali.

The unique cover of the book "My letter to Bulgaria" is the work of young artists Elena Mazneva, Rostislava Nacheva and Elena Djambazova, graduates of the Center for Young Talents in Bourgas.

The award ceremony of the finalists and the presentation of the book will be on 19.05.2019 in Grand Hotel & Spa "Primoretz", Burgas.

Image description

The participants in the fashion design project "Debut" at the Center for Young Talents in Burgas along with her famous Burgas designer Maria Taneva are looking to realize the dream of a graduate with limited financial possibilities by creating and donating her dream dress for the graduation ball.

For the children and youths from the center, charity goes hand in hand with the development and improvement of their talents and they have been part of the charity campaigns of the Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria Foundation for eight years now. The latest initiative is another proof that good is being educated and exists.

"The donation for noble causes has a remarkable history in Bulgaria, the need to have charity, to help has always existed, the awareness of what is socially beneficial is not dependent on the social environment and the economic situation of the donors, and sometimes it takes very little to achieve MORE! In this we educate our children and that is the main purpose of our many charity initiatives charitable bazaars, exhibitions, shows, concerts and many others" said Liliana Slavova, president of the Foundation.

The choice of the girl will be on certain criteria.

The following documents are required to apply:

  • a certified document from the relevant school containing information about the candidate's GPA for the last 2 (two) academic years;
  • certificate (official note) on the financial condition of parents for the last year;
  • motivation letter on "My dream, my future" - a maximum of 2 (two) printed pages; Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

Applications are accepted until 18.02.2019 at or at Burgas, 4 Atanas Sirekov Square (opposite the Municipality of Bourgas) and the winner will be announced on 25.02.2019 at and the facebook page of the Center for Young Talents, Burgas.

The artists Radoslav Gigidgjiev, Kereana Angelova, Dobrina Topalova, Elka Stoyanova and Desislava Nikolova will be the jury of the fifth edition of the prestigious literary competition on the topic "My letter to Bulgaria" in 2019.

One of the most outstanding contemporary Bulgarian writers and playwrights Radoslav Gigidjgjiev, author of the best-selling trilogy "Paradise", is the head of the commission. At the invitation of the Chance for the Children and the Nature of Bulgaria Foundation, responded the winner of several prestigious literary awards, from which the national award "Golden Pegas" for 2018, and author of many poetry and novels - Kerana Angelova; Dobrina Topalova, who won the prestigious national award "Daskal Botyo Petkov" for 2018, as well as author of several monographs and numerous publications, reviews, researches and articles; Elka Stoyanova - a laureate in numerous literary contests for poetry and prose, several times winner in the interactive format "The League of Tellers", author of several poetry collections and short stories and member of the Bulgarian Writer society and Desislava Nikolova (Desi Niko) laureate of the National Spring Day Prize for Prose Genre, the author of the novel Alice and Friday Night, as well as cultural and social articles published in various online media.

"We are very happy to officially present our star jury and we are grateful that for five years now we have the chance to discover and develop literary talents together with some of the most talented and prominent Bulgarian artists. The essays and the stories of the best participants in the "My Letter to Bulgaria" competition this year will be published in a book, our goal is not only to promote creativity and to encourage the gifts of young writers, but also to encourage their peers to communicate with each other through literature, commented Liliana Slavova, chairman of the "Chance for Children and Nature of Bulgaria" Foundation.

The opening of the festival began at 10:00. in the Literary Club - Reading Room The Little Prince with the Christmas stories of one of the greatest writers of all time - C.Dikens, OHenry, N. Gogol, A. Chehov, F. Dostoevsky. The pre-Christmas celebration of the talents continued with a solemn award ceremony for the winners of the Regional Online Children's Drawing Contest on Wonderland at Christmas, which was attended by 130 children from Burgas and the region. The winner in the age group 6-8 years was Vesela Valcheva 6 years old from Rakovina kindergarten Bourgas, the prize in the age group 9 - 11 years took Boyana Teneva, 11 years old from the Kodzhakafaliata School, and the twelve-year-old Maria Katsarova struggled with the competition and became a finalist in her age group 12-14. The winner in the category "Art of the Audience" with 360 likes of the drawing became Nevena Ivanova, 9 years old from Dobri Chintulov High School, Burgas.

All the wonderful works of talented artists were displayed on the art floor in the center for talented children. And for the festive mood of all the guests took care the participants from vocal group Sea Blue and the folk group Zelenika. A special greeting to all was provided by participants in the English Challenges 2 project.

On this day, the Center for Young Talents was also open to all citizens, giving them the chance to get acquainted with innovative talent-based methods, as well as the many interesting and useful opportunities that young people in the city and the region offer.

Celebrities read to the children of Burgas on "Favorite book from my childhood"

In the national reading week, the only European certified center for working with talented children in the city of Bourgas and the Literary Club - Reading Room The Little Prince organize the initiative to encourage reading. Famous people read to the children of Burgas, the theme is A Favorite Book from My Childhood. In the period 24.10.18 - 26.10.18 the center will welcome distinguished people from Burgas, the children of the city will have the opportunity to touch the inner world of the guests, to hear the fairy tales of their childhood and to ask questions that concern them.
The campaign starts with the famous Burgas director and discoverer of acting talents Rumen Velev who will introduce to the children the works of Exupery. The second evening the audience will be acquainted with the Masterchef of Bulgaria in 2018 - Stanislav Raichev. He will present the beloved Astrid Lindgren and her Carlson Who Lives on the Roof. Finally, lovers of children's creativity will also be touched by one of the youngest but growing in popularity - Lydia Stamatova singer and screenwriter, part of the team of the web series - TIPICHNO.
Reading children use their imagination, put themselves in the shoes of the heroes of the stories. Books help young people see new worlds and reach their full potential, which is also a major mission and goal in the work of the literary club The Little Prince and The Center for Young Talents. Children need children's books and books need children to show them their world.
And as the great Einstein said, "If you want your children to be intelligent, read their tales, and if you want them to be even smarter, read more tales to them." commented on the idea of ​​the event Liliana Slavova, chairman of the Chance for the Children and Nature of Bulgaria foundation.